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Surf Candy

Started by shanktrout, September 19, 2006, 21:34:30 PM

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Here's a rendition of a surf candy. Surf Candies were originally designed by Bob Pop., author of Pop Fleyes. This particular version is tied to imitate a silverside . Vary length according to the bait present. This is currently my go to Albie fly but these can be tied many different ways.

Hook: size 2

Materials: Olive super hair, white superhair, rainbow flash, green flash, eyes, 5 min. clear drying epoxy, red marker, glitter.

1. Tie a clump of the white super hair on up by the hook eye.

2. Tie a clump of rainbow flash on top of it.

3. Tie some olive superhair and green flash on top of those.

4. Finish your head.

5. Mix a batch of epoxy and add some sparkle. Albies like sparkle.

6. The first layer of epoxy should be generally even but do not concentrate on your final shape just yet. Apply enough that it saturates the materials but on this step go lightover heavy! Avoid clumps by teasing the epoxy and rotating your vice if you have that capability. If you don't, I used to work these by hand, so don't worry. Notice on my example the epoxy extends past the hook shank to prevent fouling. Also notice the 45 deg. angle where I taper the epoxy off.

7. After this first layer has dried you should be looking at a relatively uniform fly.

8. Apply the eyes, and make a red gill line directly behind them.

9. Mix another batch of epoxy with sparkle and this time be sure to apply it evenly. Once the bubbles start falling slowly you know your working time is almost up, so work it into shape. This does take practice and some getting used to but the thing doesn't have to be perfect to fish.

When your fly has dried and the epoxy has cured you'll have an effective and very durable salt water pattern.