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shop ramblings.....

Started by walt, August 29, 2006, 12:36:07 PM

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the king is dead, long live the king.....

a few of the new z-axis rods from sage have arrived here at the shop. on paper, they are "better" than the xp, which it replaces. ME? I love the xp's and it will be hard to convince me that it is a better rod.... time astream will tell.... if i can ever find some time to actually take one fishing....

lamson has decided to revamp the litespeed with the new series one look. it weighs less and i've been fishing a 5wt model since february and absolutely love it. they are also re-doing the velocity, haven't seen those changes yet but dollar-for-dollar, i'm a firm believer the velocity may be the best value for a machined reel on the market.

ross is replacing the SW big game reel with a new model.... the momentum..... haven't seen one yet but the buzz is a better drag system.

simms is replacing the classic guide wader with a new model that has built in gravel guards..... should be out in early '07......

.... as will be the new G4 wader.... built in zippers.... rumor has it in the 700 buck range.... that's kind of pricey just to be able to piss a few minutes earlier..... course, as with most of ya'll, for myself, there has been a few times when those $ would have been well spent  ::)

cortland has incorporated the dyna-tip into a few of the 444sl precision taper models....

haven't heard/seen much from the other companies yet.... i'll probably be swamped with reps in the next few weeks.

oh yeah.... some more news....

we recently purchased a building here in morganton. i anticipate 4 to 6 months of demo/remodel work ahead.... but who the hell knows how soon it will be before we can actually make the move.

it's located on a busy corner leading (closer) to the catawba river and with more parking than our existing downtown store..... it will be alot smaller square footagewise which means i'll be discontinuing some stuff due to size constraints.....

well, 'nuff fer now.... tight lines1


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