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March 05, 2021, 20:46:18 PM


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No Kicks on Rt. 666

Started by Onslow, September 07, 2020, 20:25:21 PM

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Several hours were available to squander with my son on this delightful holiday. Bee work, and cooking was on agenda in the afternoon, so it was necessary to hit the water early, and wrap things up quickly.  The float was 4.3 miles, long, altitude was around 2060, stream drainage size starts at around 120 sq. miles, and ends up growing just over 200 sq. miles at the take-out.

There has been some speculating taking place regarding whether or not, browns are down as low as I was.  Frankly the verdict is still out.  Some dudes near the put in were talking smallies and bows.

While parked in an eddy, and talking to some folks, one took a PE.  Lost a couple shortly thereafter, but after an hour, things went dead. While trying to fish the pretty spot pictured below, some dude just up the bend started blasting his gun.  I've learned that when crop dusters are spraying, hovercrafts are nearby, and guns are going off, fish don't bite.

50% of the water was paddle over skinny stuff, but there were 2 distinct cataracts, or mini gorges downstream of the upper bends. These cataracts had really great pools that one would think would yield the goods, whether it would be big browns, smallies, rock bass. However, this was not to be.

I hammered the heck out of this spot, and observed zero signs of life. The morning sun was brutal.  Not sure if this was a factor.

After the first cataract, we passed some some homes and more skinny water. Then we came upon a very scenic section of river with some good rapids and holes.

An hour or more was spent fishing this area.  Tried the PE with full sink, Intruder, Clawdad, and not one touch, and only a couple punes chased. Plenty of rock cover for the effers to hide.

A significant trib comes in on the north side that is sufficient size for bass.  With nothing to lose at this point, I proceeded up, and after about 15 minutes, these guys came out to play.  It was nice to be in the shade, and under some outcroppings.

This trib is is about a mile and one half from the take out.  The water was thin from here on down. I did see a 14" bass in a very long run of very skinny water. I wasn't expecting this. 

Erik and Grayson, you all may be able to catch some trout from here, but I simply don't think they're down this far. Purdy float though. Estimated flow at the put in was about 170 cfs.  Don't want to float this any lower.

Inspected the hives...


It may be too sunny and warm for the streamer bite to be good just yet.
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