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March 05, 2021, 20:23:03 PM


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Got my Whopper Plopper and it works!!!

Started by Al, September 04, 2020, 16:54:12 PM

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September 04, 2020, 16:54:12 PM Last Edit: September 04, 2020, 16:57:18 PM by Al
Day late on this report but the Covid thing has slowed down TR so much I thought I'd better post it just  to keep Woolly happy. :P

Ended up going solo to my bass honey hole - invited a couple fellows but this was spur of the moment trip so neither could go. I'd recently received 2 Whopper Ploppers from Amazon and wanted to give them a try. Yep, that's right no one in town had any so I resorted to shopping online. Even Amazon only had them in limited colors and sizes. The suckers aren't cheap either  https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Whopper+plopper&ref=nb_sb_noss

My ride for the morning - got there so as to be on the water at 0900 - I need to get there earlier. Too damn hot by 1100 and the breeze starts to be a factor when your solo in a canoe once the temperature starts to rise.
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Caught a nice one right off the dock before hopping in the canoe. Thought I took a photo of it but must have pushed video instead of photo - I am also leery of fooling with my $700 dumbphone to much while holding it over water. Anyway it was a nice one and the first for me on a Whopper Plopper.

I had my favorite Junebug colored trick worm rigged on one pole and used it regularly at first but once the Whopper Plopper started connecting it was hard to put it down.

All nice fish today
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You cannot see attachments on this board.

And so it went for a half dozen or so fish. After unhooking another one I fired a long cast to the end of an old dead tree that had fallen into the water. Just as I engaged the reel there was boil and the Whopper Plopper was gone. This lure has some wickedly sharp hooks so I just raised the rod and and let the fish hook itself - It felt like a good fish. For awhile I couldn't make any headway with the fish and initially thought it had headed to the bottom and was tied up in the weeds. It finally started to come but next thing I saw was it's side and then it's tail - now I was pretty sure it had taken a swipe at the Whopper Plopper and foul hooked itself in the side or tail. To my amazement when I got it alongside the canoe I had two nice size bass " fair hooked" on the same plug. One was hooked on the front treble hooks and the other on the rear hooks. WOW, now if I could just get them in without one or the other dropping off. It took some fancy finger positioning but I was able to "lip" them and lift them both into the canoe. A few photos and back over the side they went.
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You cannot see attachments on this board.

Yep, that put a smile on old Al's face
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Ended up with 12-15, not bad for a solo trip. The breeze got up which is a pain in the butt when in a canoe. You make a nice cast and before you get it half way in your reeling behind you because the canoe just did a 180 b'; .


Sweet. Always wanted two at one time.
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Man, you need to whip the long rod out.  Bass will hit anything on the top, particularly in the Summer evenings. I had a bass pond(s), and a good warmwater river to fish nearby, I'd never trout fish again. LMB are king, period.

It is a pity the NCWRC screwed up the whole lower Cape Fear watershed by introducing Kentucky Spots. I bet Rockfish Creek near Fayetteville used to be a blue ribbon bass stream.


I hear ya. I really need to do the fly rod thing for them as soon as I get the deer itch under control.

I'm currently sitting in a stand in Virginia where urban archery opened yesterday. Put one on the ground already. Trying for another.