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Hardly Strictly Musky 2017

Started by ptfranze, May 18, 2017, 14:21:18 PM

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I had a few too many pictures to add on to DRIFTS report so here it goes. 

Dad and I took off Work Wed, Thursday and Friday so we could get up to Mcminnville and get an extra day of fishing in. 

We arrived mid day Wed and go all the supplies together we needed.  Sat back and drank some and watched hockey while we waited on Alan Broyhill, Peter Taylor and Josh Almond to show up.  They were supposed to be there around midnight.  Midnight came and gone and I began to worry.  We had no service at the cabins but luckily I was able to find some internet and facetime Alan.  They should be there around 1:30-2 but he said they ran into a problem that would take about 4 hours of work when he got there. 

Apparently coming through Tennessee in stop and go traffic their raft deflated and was dragging on the concrete.  Some guy pulled up and got there attention and said "Your dragging your shit!"  What shit they repiled,  "ALL OF IT!!!!". 

I stayed up helping them patch the boat until about 5:30 they were up well past sunrise. 

After 7 bottles of glue and a shit ton of patches she was float able. 

They still wanted to let the glue dry Thursday so they ran shuttle for my dad and me.  We decided to only smallie fish and put plenty in the boat.  Plenty of decent fish some really cool colored ones....

and then I hit the jackpot 22" smallie

This guy came out of a spot I would have normally fished for musky.  He slowly tracked the fly (we could see the whole thing  :o) and instead of slamming the fly just sipped it in like a trout.  He ran a few times and jumped plenty- at one point when he came out he looked like a LMB with how big his mouth was.  That was a fun fight, made a little more difficult because we forgot our net.  Had to lip him at the boat. 

Got back in time for the tourney check in only to learn that I had caught that smallie a day early.  This year there was actually a bi- catch award for biggest smallie  b'; 

Friday we got a later start because we were worried about the forecast .  I ended up moving 3 musky but got nothing to eat.  Also threw in a little smallie fishing, well because you just cant take these things to seriously .

Stopped for multiple cocktail hours- Peter claims we have to remain civilized.  If that means getting drunk on liquor while fishing musky I would say we accomplished that!   0:0

That night dinner was at Cumberland Caverns a really cool cave and ampitheater 350 ft underground. 

Saturday we decide to hit the water earlier than we normally do. (most still beat us to the water but we got on the water around 8:30)

Fishing was slow Saturday, but my dad and I had committed to do alot more musky fishing than we normally do.  I started off rowing and kept dad casting for a lot longer than he normally does.  At one point he made the comment "If I don't catch a musky today I really missed a good opportunity, I normally never throw this many casts."  It made me laugh a little because they are called the fish of 10,000 casts for a reason. 

But wouldn't you know it 2 casts later he comes tight!!!   :o V:;  We never saw the take the musky crushed his fly 2 strips off the rock wall.  Now I have heard plenty of stories about the take is everything with these fish.  They fight like shit.  This fish had other plans.  He took off up river pulling some line with him.   He was extremely acrobatic flipping and tail walking up and down the river.  He put on an awesome show that reminded us of a tarpon.  At one point he had that same look, tail walking with his gills flared out throwing beads of water off him as he threw head shakes. 

Now the disappointing part, I got no pictures of all that.  This is the first time I have been on a boat when a musky has been hooked.  I panicked a little, I had to row to keep us in the middle of the river and put together the net.  I got the net together just fine but was nervous about netting him.  Luckily Alan, Peter, and Josh weren't far away and paddled back up and netted him for us. 

My dad's first musky!!   d:b d:b d:b

Unfortunately no grip and grins, he slipped out of the measuring net before we could grab him, but we were all really pumped!!

Alan even picked up a leech for his troubles

We didn't really see any other musky the rest of the day, but still had some excitement. 

Stopped for lunch right before the cow pasture hole.  On the way down the river we had seen quite a few snakes so we had our eyes peeled on the beach. 

At one point while we were all just hanging out talking in a circle (my dad and alan had their back to the river)  Josh looks and says "Guy, whatever you do don't move....."  before he even finishes my dad is sprinting away (apparently he has a thing about snakes).  Lucky for him because there was a massive water moccasin Sed up on our paddle looking like it wanted to take a bite out of his leg.  Alan tried to throw it down river with the paddle a few times and almost managed to put it in both of our boats.   b';  but finally got him away from us. 

Kept fishing didn't see any other fish that day but made our mandatory stop to eat our chocolate creme pie. 

Hate it was the last day of the tournament but might have been good for Alan's boat, the patch had given way and the bladder was starting to poke out.

Got to Collins BBQ for check in and to make my Dad's first musky day even better he ended up winning the Yeti Hopper 2 30 Quart in the giveaway.  Hell of a day!!  We decided to end the day with celebratory margaritas and cigars. 

Hell of a tournament and weekend.  Can't wait for next year!! 


I miss that deal. I need to go back next year



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Good weekend

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Good thing Peter was there to keep things civilized.  0:0   Awesome that your Dad got a Musky.
Yup, going fishing



Damn what's the criterion for attendance at this shindig?

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