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SRTU @ Smith River Fest Aug 8th & Sampling of Smith River Aug 11-13

Started by Al, July 28, 2015, 05:31:58 AM

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Place these two items on your calendar

Smith River Fest on Saturday, August 8th is less then two weeks away  http://www.visitmartinsville.com/smith-river-fest -  We will staff a booth and provide a casting instruction again this year.  We need club volunteers to help set up/ take down our display, talk up TU and our Chapter, and demonstrate fly tying and casting. Please contact Eric Tichay at phone 276-734-7268 or email at erictichay@yahoo.com or Doug Jessie 540-874-6560 or email at d.jessie@gmail.com.

VDGIF will conduct their annual multi-location sampling of the Smith River Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, August 11-13. This is a wading sample and requires a large crew. Volunteers are always appreciated. If you don't feel comfortable wading there are several land based tasks you can assist with. Contact Al Kittredge email aakitt@earthlink.net or  phone 910-624-3457 for up-to-date information as to time and location. 


Bumping this up so you folks who only look at "New" will see it. 

Even if you can't help out with the River Fest come on by - it is a good event with lots of vendors and things to see about the region. Very family friendly.   If you plan to fish the Smith this weekend be sure to check the generation schedule.   For sure they will run water on Saturday for the canoe / kayak race. They have also been running water on Sunday for the past few weekends. Call 276-629-2432 so we don't see a photo of you in the Martinsville Bulletin standing on a big rock as the local rescue squad tries to toss you a lifeline.

I have a tentative schedule for the annual Smith River Sampling which takes place on August 11-13th which I will post elsewhere.