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April 23, 2019, 23:54:39 pm


NC wild turkey season opens April 13 - May 11



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The bar is open.... / Re: Unlimited Salmon/Steelhead...
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 08, 2019, 09:58:52 am
It is freedom day for some Squamish salmon fry
Hundreds of thousands of chum fry released into channel -- with the help of local school kids


The bar is open.... / Re: NC Wildlife Hatch Chart
Last post by hcrum87hc - April 08, 2019, 08:39:53 am
I catch the vast majority of my wild, small stream fish on a para adams with a hares ear dropper.  I've had a few days where they'll come up out of the deep on larger streams to hit a dry, but I usually start with a nymph rig in those spots.
The bar is open.... / Re: Unlimited confederate (or ...
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 08, 2019, 02:09:16 am
Now they won't leave the dead along-- m

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Local Trout Streams / Tailwaters / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by Dougfish - April 07, 2019, 22:11:32 pm

All day Saturday to fish. No gen, 8-7, pretty day. Too pretty?
Suited up, loaded up the pack with beverages and headed down to fish a run the water had probably dropped at by now. No bugs flying. Tied on the nymphs and dredged up 2 where there should have been 5 plus.

Walked out and found 2 young guys walking in. We will meet later.
Wildflowers are getting righteous.


Started sitting, fishing and drinking a breakfast beer. Picked up a few more.

Noticed the homies had moved just below me. Then they started to work down stream.  :o
Whatever. Watched two paired up hawks circle and with the male squalling at a interloper.

I decided to hike down below and get below them to fish a couple of runs before they fudged them up.

Dutchman's Breeches

Then the phone started blowing up with texts. Fishbug and a new guy were looking for me.
The Bug arrived and joined in. The guys above us spoiled one of my favorite holes before jumping out and heading down the tracks. Then Austin cruised in. We chatted, then he started in. I needed to re-fuel, so I boogied back to the Subaru, dropped the empties and repacked the reinforcements. Found Fishbug, lost Austin. We finally got back together about the time the Bug had to bail.

Not so good pic of a good fish. Big paddle.

Tied on a puffdaddy and watched Austin snag a few more out of the back of a pool with the stonefly. he hit the road and I sat and waited. And waited. And waited. Some bugs were flying upstream, no rises. I moved upstream to slack water that had been good last week. Almost no rises. No bugs. Threw some stupid blind casts before heading out.


The bar is open.... / Re: Why?
Last post by Onslow - April 07, 2019, 21:05:17 pm
The wall not being built will not feed the hungry.  Being active in local community outreach and actually donating food does.

Some hoary heads are just a worthless as their young counterparts and could use a sound beating from my MIL.  She would be happy to beat some dumbasses with a garden hoe.  My wife's aunt sustains herself on $650 a month, and happens to be 89 years old and very healthy.  Years of eating New River smallmouth and garden vegetables could be a factor, and yes she still gardens at 89.  My MIL still works in the garden and pressure cooks vegges at age 87.

Why: Why in the hell do so many Type II diabetics slurp full suger Mt. Dews like it is no big deal.

Why: Why do so many people consume unhealthy food and lead unhealthy lives, and are completely indifferent about the societal cost.

Why: Why don't people take control of the food security issues before it becomes an issue by planting trees, bushes, brambles, vegetable gardens that yield produce?  I constantly plant trees, bushes, berries, and generally suffer from excessive food trauma.  Still have 100 quarts of canned beans left over from last year.

Why: Why do people that have potable tap water purchase bottled water?  Well water is free.  Plastic trash kills.  Live dumb or die.

Why: Why is being a person of the earth scorned by popular culture.  When one divorces themselves from the earth they inhabit, said person or people become completely unmoored from reality.
The bar is open.... / Haters gonna hate
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 07, 2019, 20:25:26 pm

Just ordered my free Bernie 2020 sticker [attach id=22653]05EF0A7E-61D4-4234-8CB1-90686C1A77BD.png[/attach
The bar is open.... / Re: Why?
Last post by Mudwall Gatewood 3.0 - April 07, 2019, 16:25:49 pm
Perhaps it is the same reason we are contemplating building a laughable, nonessential wall when we have millions hungry.
I vote 'head-up-our-ass' syndrome. 

Local Trout Streams / Tailwaters / Re: Watauga Tailwater - Meh.
Last post by Dougfish - April 07, 2019, 14:34:53 pm
The elusive Gillman! 'c;
The bar is open.... / Re: NC Wildlife Hatch Chart
Last post by Yallerhammer - April 07, 2019, 13:24:20 pm
They will hit an Adams, Yellow Palmer, Yellow Stimulator, Thunderhead, in some size about any time they look up. At least in the freestone streams around here. They will hit a Tellico or Prince nymph about any time.
Local Trout Streams / Tailwaters / Re: Watauga Tailwater - Meh.
Last post by itieuglyflies - April 07, 2019, 13:17:47 pm
Go Phil and Gillman. I am sure it was a good weekend and you each caught some trouts. Heading out that way this week.
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