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Title: New River Week of June 19
Post by: Rhody on July 01, 2009, 09:07:14 AM
Had a whole week in a cabin on the New last week. Just now getting caught back up to post a report. Sorry, no pics, but I am not ready to lose my camera from the kayak yet, I'm damn good at losing other stuff. Lost 2 anchors last week-MAKE SURE TO KEEP A KNIFE HANDY FOR CUTTING ANCHOR ROPES-I picked this tip up on this board, and completely agree.

Got there on Saturday night, river was muddy and high. Same thing on Sunday. Went out and swung some buggers, not a thing.On the way up, picked up assorted microbrews from Peabodys in Boone, sat on the backporch enjoying them, listening to the river and reading Middleton's 'Earth is Enough', not a bad way to spend the day if the fish aren't out.

Monday-Weds-Pretty much the same thing, Fun paddling in fast water in the yak,but only picked up 2 fish,both nice size,but worked hard to get them. Went out and fished a couple of bluelines for trout, but hot weather last week kept them from being super aggressive,but these were new places for me, so it was probably me instead of the fish.Beer supply is dwindling fast.......Had rationed out the last of my wheat homebrews for the last few days on the river, and they were looking pretty good

Thursday am-big debate-Drive to the Soho or stay where I could walk to the river-looked a lot clearer in the New today? For once, I made the right decision, stayed on the New, and the topwater popper bite was on! As long as you got it right to the bank,BAM, fish on. Fantastic for the next 3 days, fish hadn't seen many boats or flies and they hit well. Nice size of fish-got 3 that were longer than the blade on my paddle-around 19" or so, and lots in the 12"-16" range.
Lost 2 that looked huge when they broke the water, but they just spit the fly back at me. Fished until true dark, still catching them by listening for the splash.

Told the wife on Saturday while loading up, I wanted one last cast. Made one more cast, watched the drift, toilet flush, nice fish on, BIG smile, and headed home, ready to return soon.

Trying to figure out how to get out today, but having to work on my day off to catch up from last week. My best smallie trip yet, started slow, but finished great.

Title: Re: New River Week of June 19
Post by: Woolly Bugger on July 01, 2009, 17:29:54 PM
just goes to show ya! take that "one more cast"
Title: Re: New River Week of June 19
Post by: Stuart R. on July 03, 2009, 19:31:11 PM
Sounds like a fun fun trip. I really want to fish the New soon. So what area were you in? That last cast can be great or a complete disaster! Like hooking one's self or something stupid like happens to me.