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Title: Damselfly Hits a Double X3
Post by: Al on August 25, 2007, 20:13:05 PM
Ok, so this is a little late in posting but I wanted to clear it Damselfly just in case her photo being on the internet might trigger a US Marshal Service or Immigration & Customs Enforcement warrant. >:D

About ten days ago I had the honor of taking one of the southeast's most talented wildlife artist to a secret six acre pond which is just filled with bull bream and small bass. I am fortunate to have access to this place and keep a Jon boat and trolling motor there for a change from fishing the Smith River. This pond is so out of the way that I cautioned my guest that if she was the screaming kind she had better not come along because all that screaming would get her was a sore throat. Once we passed the 2nd cabled gate and had gone down about 3 miles of wooded gravel road her bubbly smile turned to a worried frown as she could see my point.

I caught the first fish but once Damselfly saw how I was doing it she quickly tied on a bass size popper, added a brassie as a dropper and was soon way ahead of me on the count.

As you might expect being beaten by a member of the fairer sex gave me an inferiority complex. We analyzed what was going on and concluded that she had her dropper set at about 3 feet while mine was about 18 inches.  I was comfortable letting her beat me because it put such a smile on her face.

I finally had to draw the line when she brought in doubles. If that was not bad enough she did it twice more.

Having been thoroughly outfished I called time out for a picnic lunch in hopes that feeding frenzy or her luck would die down.  Lunch was provide by Damselfly and I don't remember when I have had such an enjoyable meal or fisherman to fisherwomen conversation.

We fished until well after dark at which time we returned the boat and assorted gear to a secure shed and went directly home. That's my story ::) and I'm sticking to it. I am also sure she will confirm it.

Title: Re: Damselfly Hits a Double X3
Post by: Woolly Bugger on August 25, 2007, 20:24:13 PM

What, she didn't get a double on the allie worm???

Popper, Dropper x 3!!!!! Talk about slaying 'em!  0--0 0--0 0--0
Title: Re: Damselfly Hits a Double X3
Post by: troutphisher on August 26, 2007, 14:40:30 PM
Now thats what I call efficient fishing....he he he