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Title: South GA coast. Redneck Condo II.
Post by: croaker on June 26, 2007, 22:46:21 PM
Got a call from Billress early in the week saying he was headed to the coast with the boat & the condo Saturday and to come on down...

Pictures of the condo fer those who ain't seen it before:

Thanks to my wife and son, I got an early release from the store and made it to the condo way before dark. Bill was in the boat fiddlin' around when I showed up early and he said "let's put the boat in the water".
Rode out and looked at some spots close to camp.

Egrets roostin'


We didn't catch any that evenin'... Was nice to feel some salt air again.


Sunday morn we headed out and caught a bunch of small Speckled Trout, a few small Red Drum, Bill got a Bull Whiting and we had one small Flounder on the light (10# test line) spinnin' gear fishin' with Gulps.
At the end of the Ebb tide we caught a few on the flypole.
My first Flounder on the fly (#4 Pink Clouser).
A small Red Drum that bit the unnamed Shad Fly.

The bite quit on the slack tide so we ran to another spot that usually is good... 1 small Flounder on the Gulp. Wind got up so we went out to the Sound and anchored up and bottom fished with the spinnin' gear...
Caught a mess of Whiting and more Stingrays, small & medium Sharks than we could count...

Back to the condo fer a shower, cool tent and a cold barley pop or 2.

Monday morn we headed out a little farther to Wassabaw Island it was a bumpy ride out. We only hit one sandbar (due to my faulty navigational skills) we jumped out and pushed the boat back into deeper water before the falling tide could stick us.
Got to the Refuge and tried the Gulps on the spinnin' gear. One keeper trout and Bill had a good battle with a 2 1/2' Shark (no picture) on the 10# test rig.  Nothing on the fly as the wind got up.  Tried a few spots on the way back in. Not much happening. Got to one of our really good spots and Bill had a 3'+ Bonnethead Shark bit the Gulp he had on the 10# test line (no bite tippet or leader)... Was touch and go fer @ 20-30 minutes. Followed the fish as the reel only had 100-150 yds. of line.

Bill with a fine fish on light line.


We enjoyed a barley pop then went back to the same spot where the shark had bit and got this Flounder on the Gulp.


Wind picked way up and we went and bottom fished fer awhile before I had to head home. Got a few more Whiting fer the table and tuned loose a bunch more of them small shark & stingrays.

Thanks again Bill fer good times on the water.
Title: Re: South GA coast. Redneck Condo II.
Post by: phg on June 27, 2007, 06:34:54 AM
Love that inshore saltwater fishing.  You just never know what you'll catch.  Sounds like a pretty good urn, even if there weren't many keepers.
Title: Re: South GA coast. Redneck Condo II.
Post by: Woolly Bugger on June 27, 2007, 06:57:56 AM
glad to see that the condo is still in use; hope the annual maintenance fees aren't too high. A day on the boat is worth tow in the bush or something like that...
Title: Re: South GA coast. Redneck Condo II.
Post by: troutphisher on June 28, 2007, 19:23:52 PM
Nice report Croak!
Man that tent (condo) is real cool!!!!!
Title: Re: South GA coast. Redneck Condo II.
Post by: teachrtec on July 09, 2007, 19:27:23 PM
Very nice  :)  Great pics.

Brad  8)