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Title: lookout shoals wed 5/16
Post by: lepomis_mcro on May 18, 2007, 13:02:58 PM


went out on the lake wed after work. the wind was picking up and clouds have moved in.
on the drive there i was wondering how much
fishing i could get in before it turned into an afternoon thunder storm. met up with wilke at the dock.
loaded the boat up and headed out. as it turned out we got a bit of fishing in as the storm never brewed up but a little rain.

water temp was mid to high 60's/ was clear enough so you could see the fish come up at
look at the fly before they took it.. and thats always fun.

we started out on a cove that produce a smaller bass for wilke and a few gills, but the wind was a mess.
so after a quick trip to the other side of the lake, hoping the trees would block out some of the wind.
it turned out better. got in to some more gills. found a school of carp, and we gave it a try but no takers.

the highlite of the trip was when wilke hooked into something big under a dock. turned out to be a very large shellcracker

what a great day to be out

Title: Re: lookout shoals wed 5/16
Post by: badankles on May 18, 2007, 22:34:11 PM
holy shmoly, that's a fat one.  bet that put a nice bend in the rod.