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Title: Old Town Osprey 14 - sold
Post by: boondoggle on June 19, 2006, 22:14:31 PM
Green roylex hull with
a. kevlar skid patches on bow and stern, web seats, and portage yoke
b. OT web seat back
c. crazy creek canoe chair
d. OT anchor rigging (wooden contraption with jamb cleat that clamps to stern)

Didn't think I would ever sell it but the boys want another kayak...she's a good urn that has taken me on many smallie floats and helped me get way back in the marsh quitely.

$600 and she's yours.

Title: Re: Old Town Osprey 14
Post by: Woolly Bugger on June 20, 2006, 15:06:30 PM
hmmmm.... You coming down to the July 15th float on the New? I'll just have to talk the misses into the deal....  >:D
Title: Re: Old Town Osprey 14
Post by: boondoggle on June 20, 2006, 16:10:06 PM
I was contemplating making the trip and it would be nice to make the return trip with less areodynamic drag.   ;D

Just so you know I've moved the front seat back one seat width to make it easier to paddle solo (only had to drill one extra set of holes) and give the guy up front a little more leg room.  I have the original seat in case you want to revert to the original set up.

I'll PM my cell.
Title: Re: Old Town Osprey 14
Post by: FrankC on June 20, 2006, 19:56:29 PM
Maybe you would be willing to work out a trade?
I have 2 kayaks that have been used lightly.  If you are interested and SIK, they both are Wilderness Systems, a 12.5 ft.  Pungo (green) and a 10 ft. Pamilco 100 (blue).
Both have 3-phase seating.  The Pam is a very good river kayak and so is the Pungo, but it has the pronounced keel and a little harder to turn fast. 
Please keep me in mind if the canoe remains available.