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Title: Fishing the Tuck
Post by: Charlotte_Boy2 on April 11, 2006, 21:07:44 PM
I need to go to a conference in May in Cullowhee and I was hoping to fish the Tuck somewhere close by.  I will probably only get to fish a couple evenings after the conference and won't have time to travel too far from Cullowhee.  Can anyone be so kind to provide me with some advise so I can use my time efficiently?  Wondering where would be a good place to park and begin wading?  If necessary, feel free to PM me.  Thanks for any suggestions and guidance.
Title: Re: Fishing the Tuck
Post by: Woolly Bugger on April 12, 2006, 01:49:51 AM

you won't have far to go to wade the tuck from  Cullowhee, the DH water along River Road is a fine place to fish some trout. You can wade it when the're not dumping a lot of water from the dams. There is an Island about 1/3 the way down the road that has some good spots to wade above the island...check out these maps for details...

The river road is just past "Jack the Dipper" ice cream stand and runs all the way down to Webster. As you can see from the map the road runs right along the river and you'll find a lot of well used pull-off for parking.

Tight lines...

Here's a shot of me wading that area above the island with a little too much water coming down to safely wade too far out..