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Title: test
Post by: walt on February 28, 2008, 13:25:58 PM
I'm not sure of the proper pattern name.... tarpon bunny?

Material List:

1) Gamakatsu SC16 3/0 hook

2) Tungsten dumbell eye with prismatic silver/black stick-on eyes.

3) Black 3/0 waxed monocord

4) Hareline Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit Strip Blue/White

5) Pearl Krystal Flash

6) Hareline Crosscut Rabbit Strips (two of the flies have gold, two natural)

I apologize for the quality of pics.... new olympus water/shock proof camera, not sure how to use it yet.... i'm not even sure if it can handle macro...


Title: Re: test
Post by: fish_junkie on November 29, 2011, 18:28:00 PM
wonderful  -0-