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The bar is open.... / Re: Mudwall/ Dayumson
« Last post by Dougfish on December 12, 2017, 23:24:19 PM »
Big props!
Moving sux, selling sux.
Getting ahead?
Hellz yes!

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The bar is open.... / Re: Mudwall/ Dayumson
« Last post by troutfanatic on December 12, 2017, 20:21:34 PM »
I took the GRE back in August. I took the Major Field Exam today. It sucked. Too much plant bullshit on it. My emphasis is on cellular and micro.

It didn't matter in the end. I was accepted at my top choice for master's degree as of last Thursday. I have one interview left at my current school. I am doing that out of respect for the wife, since she is alumni. I have an 8 month "break" now. Get this damn house on the market and try to get some of this fat off of me that I earned in the last two years.

The bar is open.... / Re: Unlimited Salmon/Steelhead News Update...
« Last post by Woolly Bugger on December 12, 2017, 11:31:03 AM »
More than three months after about 100,000 Atlantic salmon escaped a net pen in Puget Sound, they are still turning up strong and lively in the Skagit River.

Strong, silvery and feisty, the Atlantic salmon hit the boat deck, thrashing and thumping. It was the sixth one the Upper Skagit Indian fishing crew caught that day.

More than three months after a massive escape of Atlantic salmon from Cooke Aquaculture’s net pen at Cypress Island, Atlantics are still turning up very much alive in the Skagit River, one of Washington’s premier Pacific salmon strongholds.

Out to collect chum for broodstock for the tribe’s hatchery, the crew drifted a quarter-mile stretch of the river, putting in at Hamilton, Skagit County. They caught more Atlantics than anything else: more than coho, more than chum, more than Dolly Varden trout, more even than suckers.

Caught more than 42 miles up the Skagit in a brief fishery in just a short stretch of river, those Atlantics were surely not the only ones in the river or the region, said Scott Schuyler, natural-resources director for the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe, based in Sedro-Woolley.
I am pasting two items of general interest from the more detailed SRTU Minutes of our 12-7-17 meeting . 

George Palmer, VDGIF Fisheries Biologist gave his annual “Health of the Smith River Fishery” presentation. Water flows have been messed up due to work at Philpott Dam but VDGIF has been sampling below Martinsville Dam using a raft followed by “work up crews” in canoes. They also sampled the Doe Run section using a jet boat. They have not been able to sample upstream of Koehler because flows have not been enough to float the raft but are too much for safe wading.

 Overall they have been finding a lot of healthy looking fish. Several fish have gone well beyond the 20 inch mark. The fishery below Martinsville Dam continues to show promise. VDGIF has been fin clipping and moving small fish from the upper river to the lower river and a lot of them are now showing significant growth. They have also been stocking several thousand triploid (sterile) fingerling brown trout which are now showing up in the samples.

DGIF has been monitoring water temperatures. This summer with the low flows and prolonged hot days there were several times when the water was above 70 degrees. There were no reports of “fish kills” but it certainly stresses the fish. 

The fish collected this year were fewer in numbers – not sure if this means the numbers are declining or that the fish had moved deeper or into areas not accessible by the sampling raft which moves right along and gets only one pass over a promising area.

George did quote one factoid which most of us were not aware of – based on data on 2-8 year old fish collected below the Martinsville Dam a fish we see today has a 43% annual morality rate. In layman’s language that means 100 fish today will only number 57 next year,  32.5 the following year and 18.5 the next and so on. No wonder fish lay thousands of eggs when they spawn or the hatchery stocks thousands of fingerlings annually. 

 No one knows for sure what the prolonged flows and increased sediment has done to the fishery but George is optimistic – next year’s samples should prove interesting.  The Smith River has a high density of Brown Trout and is rightfully considered a “Jewel” in the Virginia inventory of trout fishing rivers.

Philpott Operations Manager Chris Powell gave us an update on repairs being done at the dam. They have recently resumed a weekday generation schedule with one turbine.  The other turbine was damaged beyond repair and will eventually be replaced with new technology – but that is several years down the road. With a single turbine we should anticipate longer periods of generation to utilize the water at 650 -700 cfs vs. the previous two turbines at 1400 cfs. The one remaining turbine must be manually switched on/off vs. the previous remote switching.  Mr. Powell stated Philpott is what is known in the industry as a “peak power facility” and Dominion Power, the current purchaser tries to maximize the value of each gallon of water which goes through the turbine. With the prolonged Monday through Friday generation and manual on/off switching requirement, there are currently no plans for weekend generation – this topic may be revisited next summer to keep water temperatures within tolerance for the fishery.

The bar is open.... / Re: Question!
« Last post by driver on December 11, 2017, 13:39:58 PM »
That fish was caught in Trump country

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The bar is open.... / Re: Question!
« Last post by itieuglyflies on December 11, 2017, 13:09:03 PM »
Surprised that Trump or George Bush have not been mentioned as the cause of this trout's problem.
Warm Water / Re: 2017 Warm Water
« Last post by Woolly Bugger on December 11, 2017, 11:50:17 AM »
good floaty bote trip report video right there on some not so warm water....
The bar is open.... / Re: Question!
« Last post by jwgnc on December 11, 2017, 10:17:40 AM »
sea lamprey
The bar is open.... / Re: Question!
« Last post by Big J on December 11, 2017, 09:14:02 AM »
Warm Water / Re: 2017 Warm Water
« Last post by Dee-Vo on December 11, 2017, 06:41:54 AM »
Sweet. Good haul.
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