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The Gravel Bar / Win a trip to Belize!
Last post by Woolly Bugger - Today at 10:34:17 AM
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Local Trip Reports / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by Woolly Bugger - Today at 07:52:52 AM

#24 -- 40 Is it summer yet? 83 degrees, gas $3.56!

Driving in, there was a police presence at various points along the river below the CVS and I wondered what was up with that. There was a lot of activity at the Basset Rescue Squad too.

With the heat and the tick hatch I couldn't face walking the field, so I drove up to the damn dam for a look see and was surprised to see the low flow valves cut off. I thought that was a bit odd. I couldn't get motivated to fish and just drove around a bit while listening to the latest episode of , part 2 of "All Along the Watchtower"

Finally it was fish or go home, so I pulled into to a roadside attraction, took the 2 wt out and began to swing through the run. I got a bunch of grabs and brought three to hand, when I guy up on the bank hollers down to me, "Is that your car over there," pointing to my CRV. Is it okay to park there?" he asked. He was looking for places to fish didn't know where to access the river and he also asked about the "generation" So this was a fairly long conversation shouting across the sounds of the rushing water. He thanked me and moved on, while I finished working that section.

I moved upstream a bit and got into a number of fish, all brown trout, if I caught a rainbow it would have become bird food, but I put all the browns back.

I fished on until the heat of the evening left me parched and I headed out for a beer!

As noted above the authorities were searching for a missing person, not a fisherman or a boater. Speaking of boats, there were some rafts about and a few kayakers too. Hillside work continues up at the damn dam and they are still looking to bring the damn dam back online in 2025/26, fish it while the current conditions continue 'cause once they complete the work it'll got back to an all (1400 cfs) or nothing (80 cfs) peak power generation.

Local Trip Reports / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 15, 2024, 19:15:06 PM
They cut the low flow valves off today to search for a missing person, an elderly black man who was seen near one of the bridges — search was performed, nothing was found. Flows will increase to 440 for sometime to reduce lake level
Local Trip Reports / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by creakycane - April 15, 2024, 17:16:59 PM
Beautiful Monday, a bit too hot.  Fishing I found slow compared the the last few weeks, but a few stoneflies and mayflies around.  They jumped it up a bit this afternoon, so be careful wading if you try this week.   2 trucks with trailers in Bassett, a few kayakers and a couple of anglers. 
Local Trip Reports / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 15, 2024, 08:21:59 AM

#24 -- 39 Mid to upper 70s and sunny with scattered cloud

Driving by the takeout I was a bit surprised to see the lot full of trailers. Troutbros and guides!

There was only one trailer at teh devil bridge, I think it was EJ's. Busy day of the river with kayaks too.

I was expecting a crowd, but the MP lot was empty and as I geared up, I found this critter on my waders from yesterday. A pair of war birds flew up the river. The situation in the Middle East is troubling especially after listening to Dan Carlin's interview with the author of Nuclear War.

A pair of war birds flew up the river. The situation in the Middle East is troubling especially after listening to Dan Carlin's interview with the author of Nuclear War.

Just as I was ready to leave a F150 King Ranch with Georgia TU tags, pulls along and backs in next to me. You guessed it, it was one of the assholes from August, as he got out I said, "Hey asshole!" in my mind, but kept my mouth shut. He was all business; I think he might have known who I was.

Across the field and down the path and into cold water.

I sat down on the bench to cut and retie my tippet and saw a pair of tick racing up my waders -- little fuckers.

I swung up some fish and moved on down to big pine where I saw the King Ranch Troutbro (KRTB) working the trestle pool. I didn't see him pass me on the trail, he may have walked the tracks.

After catching a few more fish I went on down to the next bench and had a beer, thinking that the troutbro would move on up through the pool.

this NoDa IPA was impressively fresh tasting with a robust hoppiness!

I checked on KRTB, he was still in the same spot in the middle of the pool. I decided to go down around the bend. The water was a little pushy at 415, but I got down there ok. Swung up a fish or two but the water is really moving though that pool at this flow. Went dark and rigged up with some nymphs and split shot. It tood a bit but a got into fish in a lower run, one of which was a stockerbow who was a little beefier than the wild browns.

I spent about an hour down there and then headed back to retrieve my cooler that I left on the bank. It was a bit of work for me to get back up against the flow and I don't think I'll head back down there until the water drops to a manageable level for me.

KRTB was pretty much in the same spot flailing away. I sat down and popped a beer and watched the troutbro cast and cast, I wanted to yell out, "Too much wrist!" but started filming instead.

Question, do you think KRTB caught any fish?

I finished that beer, but the show wasn't over and I popped open another beer. EJ came down with a dude in the bow and he asked me if I had a spare beer, last one I said.  He then aske how it was going and if I had seen any March Browns? I had not! He's thinking they'll be out in another week or so.

I moved back up to the bench to cut and retie. KRTB came wading by, didn't say a word, interestingly he was carrying two rod tubes. He settled in at the tail of the LH pool and I headed up a ways, and swung up my last fish of the day.

Shadows of birds were crisscrossingg the river all day, most were the usual buzzards, but this time when I looked up it was a bald eagle.

Back at the lot the King Ranch the the GA Troutbro were gong. I checked my waders for ticks and then headed for home.

Pyscho Fly Fishers / Re: PFF V47 Shady Vally TN
Last post by FlyChamps - April 14, 2024, 19:11:58 PM
Rick already has my check.

Can't wait!
Warm Water Species / Re: Another Annual Trip to Sha...
Last post by driver - April 14, 2024, 11:20:31 AM
Quote from: Woolly Bugger on April 11, 2024, 15:47:15 PMI should also mention the fish of the day. I had quite the battle with a one fish that was difficult to bring in. Could it have been a large striper? Time revealed that it was a Quillback (Carpiodes cyprinus), also known as the quillback carpsucker that was foul hooked in the motor, right behind the dorsal fin!

I also caught and released one blueback herring.

I foul hooked a Quillback fishing for stripers once. I thought I had a 20lb striper on. I was very disappointed.
Local Trip Reports / Re: Smith-Continued
Last post by Woolly Bugger - April 14, 2024, 08:50:48 AM

#24 --38 Upper 60s to low 70s but very windy, not a cloud in the sky

I should mention that I forgot to mention that the other day when I got out of the car, I heard a bald eagle's cry and when I got down to the water one flew overhead, pretty cool. Also there were several of them up on the James.

I know, it's the weekend, and I try not to fish on Saturday or Sunday, but I had to get out. I drove by the Great Road ramp to check the water clarity, it was looking ok, but there was a gaggle of fisherpersons gathered around a truck with a smithfly in the bed and two more wading upstream. I drove on and stopped at the Devil Bridge Ramp to check the phone as I lose signal once I go over the hill. Only one trailer today, haven't seen this one before.

Once I arrived at the parking lot, I was kind of surprised that it was vacant, but when I opened the door and heard the halyard slapping against the flag pole, I realized that the wind was a good reason not to be fishing today.

I went directly down to the left-hand pool, using the path that Doug cut to avoid the graveolent mud of turtle creek, and saw a kaleidoscope of swallowtail butterflies at the confluence.

More work to be done, I should just take the saw in on every trip!

I threw a small peanut envy on a sink tip for an hour or so without any results. Maybe he fly was too big?

I was fishing the SP 5wt. and switched to soft hackles which the small trout were interested in. They were all in the 7-9 inch range with the exception of one that came in at 3 inches. I didn't cull any as the recent shad delivery should keep the raptors happy for a while.

The wind was a bitch and I took a break.

On the way out I stopped to take some flower photos.

The mayapples are blooming.

And a Showy Orchis popped up trailside.

Sunday is another high wind day with predicted gust of 25, I may or may not go today?


Warm Water Species / Re: Another Annual Trip to Sha...
Last post by itieuglyflies - April 13, 2024, 08:51:03 AM
Good fun with the Bugger and Driver. Weird year with hot weather,cold weather and river levels up and down.

The Gravel Bar / Re: Beetle's Book and Word Thr...
Last post by Dee-Vo - April 12, 2024, 22:16:54 PM
A couple that I've finished recently.

Both were good. The Forstchen novel is the fourth in the series and was as good as the rest.

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