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Brook stream in NC

Started by Oldman, September 14, 2005, 19:57:12 PM

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Fished a Brook stream in NC this past weekend. Although I did OK I should have done better. My fishing partner did great however :'(  He caught his largest Brook trout in NC. 2  at 13" and 1 at 12".
Anit bad for NC. Yes we taped them.

By the way, I hate calling them brookies. They are Brook trout. Why not call browns browies and rainbows bowies?  Huh?  Just me I guess.

Back the Brook sounds more positive than back the "brookie"


Sounds like a pretty good day, and wow, those are some big Brook trout. Hope I can get one that size when I get out this weekend.

"Why, he wondered, did rich people call it sushi while poor people called it bait?"   -- Same Kind of Different as Me


Good job would we call crappies....crap ;D ;D ;D

Kim ;D

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and large mouth bass>>>>>>>>>>   :-X ss     ??

naw , I don't think so!

I could while away the hours, conversing with the flowers, conferring with the rain........ IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN


Could you give us just a bit more information, such as whether the stream is on private or public land, whether it was caught in Northwest, Middlewest or Southwest NC and if you know whether the Brook trout were southern, northern or mixed?  Just looking for a bit of very general info.  ;)

Rog 1

Why not mess with everyone's head and call them what the oldtimers do...specs.


I thought specs were for reading......    ;D


Growing up, we always called them "Squaretails" or "Speckled trout".  That always puzzled me, as browns and 'bows are both more speckled that a Brook trout is.  Yeah, I have the same problem with "brookies" and "smallies".  It sounds juvinile.

Nice fish, by the  way.  You could also add which watershead, and at what elevation.  DelLorme coordinates would be nice as well.... ;) (I'm jokeing!!)  ;D ;D ;D


I'm not joking.....I gots ta know......I know one thing fer sure, you won't get that outta Rex.....heck he doesn't even tell his wife when he goes ta dat stream ::) ;D ;D

Kim ;D

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"That stream" is only 1 of many that I fish and dont tell.
I belive that it is nice to post but not required to tell where. Finding a stream on ones own requires some careful planning and research.

A good day on a stream that is new to you is special.

Know what I mean?

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