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Started by troutphisher, February 15, 2006, 20:12:12 PM

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Fished the D today, and it couldn't have been better. The weather was perfect. About 60, the water temp still cool at 44 and clear.

Started the day working AP turkeys, in the riffles. Caught two small bows 8" range, but very fun.

About 12:30 a good hatch of what looked like #16 BWOs, couldn't catch any so I am not positive about the ID. I didn't have any BWO drys in that size, so I used a quill Gordon and it worked. I caught some more bows and one brown. The real highlight of the day was one of the bows, it broke water twice, with one jump almost three feet out of the water!

later in the afternoon, I went up to the hatchery, (the middle of the week)
figured it wouldn't be to crowded? when I approached the pool below the bridge, I heard splashing, and saw an older gentleman near the opposite bank in obvious trouble, apparently he was retrieving a fly from the laurels and got in the deep water, I asked if he needed help and he replied yes please! (It must have been a scary deal for him, he was the only one on the water when I got there). So I dropped my rod and went in after him, I was able to get him to the bank safely and he thanked me.

I never did get his name., but made sure he could walk under his own power and watched him walk towards his car.

What a day, great fishing, and I got to help some one.

I am fishing again tomorrow!

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Good job phish!   0--0


Way to go, sounds like a great way to end a good day.   0--0

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