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Dream Stream/ South Platte

Started by sheepfly, March 25, 2012, 14:08:21 PM

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Tuesday april 9th, ill be in Denver headed to Buena Vista Colorado to fish the Arkansas River and area streams.  I'll be passing the South Platte above 11 mile resevoir with the opportunity to sight fish for 20' to 30' lake run rainbows found here late March early April.   It's HEAVILY pressured, but you have a great shot at a fish of a lifetime. Anyone every fish that area before? I would love any feedback you might have.

Woolly Bugger

good luck, and be sure to post a TR when you get back!

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me -There's a season?

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I fished for a day while I was there on a road trip with my family a few years ago. It was in late June and the runoff made the water too high so landing fish was tough.. We still caught fish...mainly lost them, make sure you take a net  b'; I lost some monster browns and cuttbows. They were sipping tricos and pmd's in the mornings and evenings. I'm not sure about the patterns for this time of year, but I would assume that the same midge and nymph patterns would be effective as when I was there. and yeaa it gets crowded, but its worth it. Good luck!!  ;D


Ed Engle wrote a great book a while back called "Fishing Tailwaters" (I think that's right).  I believe it focused quite a bit on the S. Platte. Might be worth trying to scrounge up a copy.


peter p

For the S Platte, get there early before the wind picks up, because it will.   Make sure you have your midges.

For the Arkansas, the mother's day caddis may be coming off then.   You might have to drive downstream towards canon city to find them.  But, they haven't had a lot of snow and it has been warm.  So, who know where the hatch might be at that point.  There is a good flyshop in BV, they will help you out.   If the hatch has started, drive along the river until bugs start bouncing off your windshield.   Then fish just above or below that spot.



Thanks Peter. I'm familiar with arkanglers shop in bv. I've only got Monday afternoon for the platte and dawn till four pm for the Arkansas Tuesday. If we hit the caddie hatch early, it would be awesome. I've never seen a prolific western hatch. I'm always there late summer during terrestrial time. thanks for the tips.

peter p

The caddis hatch can be epic.  I hope you hit it right.   I used to fish it almost every weekend from now until mid MAy.  But, it will ruin you for all other fishing.   


SA Friday

I know I'm dredging up an old thread, but I wanted to add some extra info to this in case anyone else is going to hit the dream steam in March/April.  Egg patterns!  Cheese colored hot-glue with a red bead inside of it.  size 20 grey RS II's, red annelids, Jujubaetis, midge patterns like zebra midges in 18-26 sizes.  Depending on the winter, sometimes isoperla patterns for large brown and little yellow stoneflies.

Be warned though.  The area where a lot of the big daddy macks like to come up to from 11-mile is the tail water immediately out of the reservoir.  Really nasty deep silt mud on the banks.  It can be like walking through feet of snow and sinking every step in the stuff.  Some years are worse than others.