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September 21, 2021, 16:13:40 PM


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Hell-o from hell

Started by troutfanatic, February 29, 2012, 04:08:45 AM

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Just dropping a line to say hello. Still kickin over here in the anus of Asia. Was good to see a few of you at pechmann while home on emergency leave. Right now, I am sitting on my ass contemplating the coming spring offensive from the TB and the fact that we are cutting 10k troops by 1 May... "Change we can believe in". Looks like the idiots running this circus will allow me to take a regular R&R leave even after coming home for a funeral. Knowing this, I anticipate being on NC soil by early April for 2  glorius weeks. Aside from some quality time with the kids, dogs and play time with the hen, I see streams in my future. PA/NC unknown at this time. I'll holla as it draws nearer.




Keep your head down TF and get home soon.


Hey Brian,

Be safe out there dude. I'll save you some bluelines for when you get back and a couple beers too.

Cheers mate, appreciate all that you blokes do bd;0

Stuart R.

Be safe and hurry home. Glad to hear you are doing well and will be able to come in for a bit. Oh ya, thanks for your service!!! 'c;


CPR Catch, Photo, Release.


My young in will be home sometime in April as well. Me, I think they may possibly boot me off this deployment! Pisses me off. They want me to run the rear Det. I'd rather deploy! Retirement is looking pretty good right now! 28 years is enough for anybody! I can sit on the cabin porch, drink JD, and watch the leaves fall (and catch fish)! Brother, you keep your head down! Tell Kandahar it can kiss my ass!  Hit me up when you get back and we'll swap stories and fish a little! Stay safe!

"Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way" GEN George S. Patton, 3rd Armor Commander


Stay frosty gents and "Come back intact."

The above response is not to be taken seriously, it is on the internet after all.


keep your head down and feet moving brother!  get your ass home safe, "Lead the way".

"I read The Bible once. You know God and Jesus and all them apostles? They were all fishermen, just like me. Yeah, straight to heaven for Mick Dundee. Yep, me and God... We'd be mates."