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Started by Txfly, February 23, 2012, 20:54:13 PM

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So last year I built a little proto stick for crick fishin'.
I would have done an SBS here , but for some reason it takes me 20 minutes to upload  photos w/ my blazing interwebs.

I called it a half weight, the dudes that are on the Drake have seen the build. Some of you guys here have fished it. It's a five footer in a three piece. I'm gonna grab four beers and hit the upload button....



I built two of these sticks and stuck a Sage click on one of them.
The other, well I took a TFO 1 and put it to the drill press/ dremel.
Took over an ounce off of it.




Anyway, Temple Fork has picked up the little stick and it will be on the shelves come April...My plan was for a series of five- three piece rods up to four weight. They are gonna start off w/ this one and see how it does before running w/ the devil. There will be an ultra-lite PB hiker rod tube available as well.
They have also come out w/ a reel to match the rod, it is based on the BVK series, but will be green, don't know the weight of the reel, but hear it's dead sexxy and balances well w/ the rod.

The  tentative MSRP on the rod will be $159.
The reel will be $180 (Machined)

Flame Away ;D


Been following this as a lurker over on the Drake.

Very Impressive  'c;

Here is another idea to toss at TFO since its a back packing rod...

Make the next model a one or two piece (depending on length) and put it in a skinny zytel tube with a bumper on one end and a handle on the other so that the tube doubles as a hiking/wading staff.

Great Job and congrats.

Big J

Dang! I know what I'm putting down on my wedding registry...............  :-X

Who is going to be making them?  Temple Fork themselves or you?

Woolly Bugger

How in the heck did you get your interweb hook up with the brfff??

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me -There's a season?

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Quote from: Big J on February 23, 2012, 21:07:55 PM

Dang! I know what I'm putting down on my wedding registry...............  :-X

Who is going to be making them?  Temple Fork themselves or you?

Man, that took half a beer for a page load just to reply (don't worry woolly, they'll have high speed out here w/in the year, I'll post more, promise).

This will be a production rod available at your friendly local TFO dealership.
More than likely they will offer blanks as well...I don't work for them, so I'm not in the loop on the inner workings.

It's a really fun stick for these mountain fish, has very little backbone, but can get 40 feet if it has to (w/ the right fly).
I've thrown size four stones as well as streamers (not far, mind).
This is the best fish I've landed on it...Tranny as witness (there was cursing involved (by him):


Here's a pic right after the build in front of my house:
(Red arrow is the tip top)



I was calling it a "half" weight to not get folks thinking they had to commit to a "0 wt" Sage line (made by Rio, btw), which is the only "0" wt on the market.
TFO tells me that it will cast up to a 3 wt line comfortably.
It will be marketed as the Finesse 1/2...which I don't know if that means "half" wt, or a 1-2 wt... They have tweeked it a bit from the original.

Maybe a few dudes here will post up pics of fish they caught w/ it...maybe not.


Quote from: Woolly Bugger on February 23, 2012, 22:14:44 PM

How in the heck did you get your interweb hook up with the brfff??

Sorry, woolly, I just hit send on the last one, didn't see this until mine posted...
Really dude, ask the guys that have been to my house...it takes like 2 minutes for a reply to post.
Not blaming you, my service blows.

Back when I was doing your chatty, I'd hit send and there'd be like ten posts in between what I was responding to.
It's frustrating as hell.


I can't keep up over on the Drake...so I'm glad to see ya post it here....thats cool as hell!!  bd;0 bd;0 bd;0


I cast that wand quite a bit on Friday before the Raleigh show opened. Sweet rod!

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