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December 04, 2021, 16:18:08 PM


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Luthi's Pawn Shop in Greenville has opened a fly shop!

Started by troutboy_II, January 23, 2012, 15:36:35 PM

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I had heard this, but doubted it was much to speak about.  Trout_girl and I turned up there on Saturday and, sure enough, they have taken over about a third of the store and turned it into a real fly shop.  Carry most Rods, lot's of tying supplies, leaders, line, gizmos, boots, waders, shirts and flies (they bought Spider's fly pots out of the Orvis shop when it closed).  Alot of Simms stuff.

Don't have everything yet, but given that Greenville lost two shops in the past three years and had nada until now, a good thing to behold.

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Anybody know what ever happened to Bill and Chuck?  I have not seen them since Foothills closed.

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Good question, and perhaps in jest, but no, all new stuff.  St. Croix, Winston, Scott, Reddington (I think) and Temple Fork rods.  No Sage yet.  And for those not from 'round here, Luthi's has been more of a higher end gun shop than pawn shop.  No old speakers, bicycles, etc.

Like I said, not a full fledged fly  shop yet, particularly on the little things (for example, I like Rio leaders in the 3 pack - they only have singles), but better than anything we had for a while.  And the folks there were very nice.

Not really worthy of a lot of hurah, just wanted other Upstate folks to know there is a local source again.


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I appreciate the info and am happy to hear about it.......sort of.  I guess my back-up dream of opening a fly shop in GVL just went out the window.

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It is not a bad shop and will certainly help in a pinch.  It is sad at how many fly shops in Greenville have closed.  For years Greenville had two and at one time three.  Then it went to zero.  Glad to see Luthi's is replacing the void.  But, we certainly could use a full service shop.


Yep, it's fairly nice.

Stan Luthi is a huge outdoorsman (don't shoot in a sporting clays tournament against his team unless you bring 3 ringers) and I am glad to see they took out the garbage that filled up that side of the shop and brought in the fly fishing materials.

I think there's room for another shop in Greenville still.


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