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December 03, 2021, 21:33:17 PM


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Rocky Mountain Picture Show

Started by Transylwader, October 18, 2011, 08:39:38 AM

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Damn dude, that is some nice work.  Looks like a blueline heaven 'c; 

Yup, going fishing

peter p

Nice job Tranny.  Now you have me bummed I ever left that place.   From the looks of the scenery, I am fairly certain I know where you went.  There are just some 14000 foot peaks you alway recognize and I think you have one in the background of one of your pictures.  A few high alpine lakes in the back country that are loaded with cutts. 


tomato can

nice cuts do they pull real good?


Quote from: tomato can on October 20, 2011, 06:44:36 AM

nice cuts do they pull real good?

They do, especially the ones that are over 8". The best part was that the water was around 42F. So they were lethargic as all heck, awesome to watch them slowly rise and eat it like a brown on mary jane. Had to be on your mark in striking!


Good report Mike!  Awesome trip!


Great report and even better pictures.  Awesome cutties.

Have fly rod will travel!


beautiful, hats off to you, CHEERS 'c;

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