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Started by wncpermit, November 21, 2011, 21:15:18 PM

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Its gettting cold and time to start fantasizing bout some tropical angling adventure,, Here are some teaser pics.  Belize is very easy to do and can be quite cheap

tres pescador 2011 041
tres pescador 2011 025
tres pescador 2011 043

If any one is curious  I'd be happy to share some insight.   get out and enjoy

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I'm gonna get my passport real soon..


Quote from: steelrain202 on November 22, 2011, 20:01:33 PM

id like to go someday, of course ill be so damn old by the time i go i wont be able to cast or walk

Ease up mate, TX may have his 50th there next year. Im in, you should too!


im going to belize this summer to study jaguars in the rainforest and rehabilitate howler monkeys!  ;D so ill be working some fishing in, i just need to get the gear :P

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Quote from: fish_junkie on November 30, 2011, 13:25:14 PM

im going to belize this summer to study jaguars in the rainforest and rehabilitate howler monkeys!

Very interesting, I'm curious what are the recidivism rates like for howler monkeys?


i couldn't tell you  :P, my cousin is friends with a professor at V-tech and i was invited along to study with them for 2 weeks, and also a little vacation couldn't hurt, the howler monkeys is something im just doing for fun. -0-

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Fish Junkie, I hope you can help rehabilitate this guy.

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he doesnt need help, he needs someone to party with!   'c;

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Fish junkie,

I bet you will be staying at Cockscomb national park.  A great place,, I camped there several times and never saw a Jaguar.  There was a British guy who was there for 6 months studying and he never saw one,  Then there are the tourist who come into the park for a day and see some while they are driving up the road..  Its easier to catch a 30ilb Permit i think than seeing a Jaguar,,  But the Monkeys are cool,  the Toucans and other wildlife is amazing.  The park is near Dangriga, and Hopkins, while the fishing is not great there,  you can take a boat out to Tobacco or Southwater Caye and fish there  , but the best bet is take the boat out to Glovers reef and camp,  Fish are plentiful and can rent a kayak and hit some spots that rarely get fished. Its remote, but better for it.


actually we will be moving all over the island, starting with 2 weeks in the rainforest and camping around at different spots, and then 2 weeks more towards the shore and city, they told me a few places but i cant remember them, i know one of them is caye caulker i believe

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