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Gerome and the Maharishi are on the loose again

Started by Trout Maharishi, October 28, 2011, 23:35:03 PM

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Trout Maharishi

Gerome and I are headed out to Cataloochee in the morning to camp and fish for 3 days, then on to the Davidson to camp and fish the rest of the week. I'll be tying at the WNC Expo Sunday morning, stop by and see me if you're at the show, or in the area and wanna fish. I'll be the handsome one driving the white van. ;D


There's more B.S. in fly fishing than there is in a Kansas feedlot.

Lefty Kreh


This van?
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Swing by Raleigh and you can pick up the trio of mullets...
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I'll be drunk before I lay my hands on a flyline again... b';
Kill em mate and hold the fort -0-


Ill be at the D later this week with my car parked and all the doors open blocking the other spaces like an asshole.   :embarassed:

Ill look for you up there.   0:0

benben reincarnated

I might tag along with Peter one day if he drives out to visit.


I park in the bus parking spots. Ain't bringing no busses full of rock hoppers to my stretch of water.

Quote from: Transylwader on June 03, 2011, 22:56:17 PM
The Davidson. It's full of wild fish.


Hope your handsomeness sore lips some fish and or midgets... bd;0

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Colin and I will be tying at the WNC Expo on Sat. morning. Then we are fishing points west either on the D or one of the Mills streams, or the East Fork.
We'll be in a white Hyundai Santa Fe. My license tag says "Streamer". If you see us, yell and say hey.

Yer Pal,

Remember...We all live downstream.