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What's Under Those Waders?

Started by badankles, January 27, 2006, 15:15:21 PM

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got my first breathable waders and was wondering what y'all suggest as liners for cold water wading?  i was thinking about using sweats.

saw these on orvis http://www.orvis.com/store/product_choice.asp?pf_id=70KCws&feature_i d=&dir_id=1137&group_id=1157&cat_id=5224&subcat_id=6193&shop_id=


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I use these
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ever since my wife found a pair in the back of my Explorer.

But those liners would probably do a better job of keeping you warm..
Seriously, though, I wear Doufold long johns and/or fleece sweatpants.

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That stuff looks fine, good price. I just wear polypro underwear bottoms or fleece sweatpants in cool weather. Try to avoid garments that don't wick moisture aways from the skin.

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ba... congrats on the b'ables..... you will love them as long as you don't wear sweats!... or jeans, or any cotton non-wicking clothing.... that sucks... you will actually think that your waders are leaking because of sweat buildup.

any of the following, differing weights for climate, will serve you well:

good ole fleece pants.
patagonia capilene
simms waderwick
simms rivertek

i like to layer, depending on the season...

1) silk or lightweight capilene or waderwick, as the base.

2) midweight or heavyweight over that.

3) or just a good ole fleece pant.... i like the simms polartec but i've used the columbia high brass this season and love them... especially the built-in foot-keeper that keeps the pants from riding up.

4) the simms rivertek midweight top is great.... use it as a base layer with fleece over that and as the day warms up strip off the fleece outer layer and enjoy...

5) during the summer months a good pair of lightweight pants (i like the columbia convertibles or the sage guides), again, non-cotton, or just the silk or lw capilene is great.... course when ya pull yer waders off back at the truck all yer fishin' buddies will be whistlin' at how cute ya are out thar in the wilds..... as long as thar ain't no b'jo music, you'll be fine.

any good fly shop carries all of the above.... it's worth the investment.... i'm a firm believer in comfort astream.


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thanks walt.  you saved me from having to try what FT suggested.   ;)

oh, man, not a good image... :P

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...


I have problems with the garter's popping loose, do you wear them or are those the self supporting type? ::)



I agree on the fleece. I have a light weight and a heavy weight set (top & bottoms). One of these days I need to get a mid weight set. I also use silk underwear. Stay away from sweats or any other cotton.


OK, I'm no expert, but, if it's cold I wear a pair of thermals under normal khakis.  If the temperatures are normal (50's or higher) I'll just wear the khakis.  Is moisture a problem?  Not really.  A few beads of sweat will form, and, in cold water, you will feel an occasional pinpoint of cold on your legs from time to time (as in 1 every 30 minutes), but once you realize what it is, it's not a problem.  When I take my waders off, I do not have wet spots on my legs, and I have been comfortable all day.

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Depending on the temp.

just a piar of kakies or

just fleece

or polypro longjohns under the fleece....

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Quote from: walt on January 27, 2006, 16:31:40 PM

ba... congrats on the b'ables..... you will love them as long as you don't wear sweats!... or jeans, or any cotton non-wicking clothing.... that sucks... you will actually think that your waders are leaking because of sweat buildup.

Walt is right on target! I thought jeans would be just fine, by the end of the day I thought my new breathables were leaking! don't wear just jeans. In cold water I have been comfortable with long johns under my jeans. I also wear a pair of those real thick/heavy socks over my normal socks. My feet have never been cold yet. I have even looked at some of the GoodWill stores for a pair of fleece pants,  haven't found any yet.



This may help..... third paragraph


All my fishing up here lately has been sub freezing!


thanks guys (and gals?)  you saved me from a cold and sweaty fishing day.

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...

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just wanted to let you know i went out to grab the suggested base layers along with fleece top and bottom today.  i feel much more comfortable and ready for the weather come next week.  heading up to the shenandoah area for a ski week with the family and these layers should be good for that, too.

thanks again, y'all.

i got some good tips from the folks up there, so hopefully i can bring back a good report to share.

when's a newbie no longer a newbie...

Stuart R.

I am not spending a bunch of $ on wader pants. I wear a pair of khakis or sometimes jeans. I do this from about 15 to 70 degrees after that I may break out a pair of shorts if I am feeling frisky. I do have a little wet spot right around the cuff where I tuck my pants legs into my socks but that is it. I really don't have a problem with my legs getting cold but if it is an issue got o wal-mart they have good poly pro undies with there hunting stuff in the fall/winter. I just think $ could be spent better than a pair of underoos with the Simms label on them.


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