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Look what I found

Started by Darthmonkey, October 10, 2011, 16:06:28 PM

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For those that don't know me on the SFA board, my name is John. Just a soldier stationed in Bragg, former steelhead nutjob from Washington state and loving the community that attends the PFF events.

Have a good one.

The above response is not to be taken seriously, it is on the internet after all.


Welcome!  I met you this past weekend at the Holston.


Pull up a chair and enjoy, this place can be grimy but thats why we love it ;D


No titties?? damn it. >:D

I missed the PFF (and for no good reason) welcome.


seat in the boat anytime John



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Tom has a seat anytime too...John had a seat Saturday...He still wishes he would have went midge fishing though :D

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I wanna catch smallies instead too ;D