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skunked at my pond.

Started by tattdflythrower, September 18, 2011, 18:53:18 PM

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Went to my pond this afternoon when the sun finally came out. Water looked great probably up about 4 inches , back at the height should be. went through a few flies and never got a bump. I didn't even see a gill. but it was nice to get out for the after noon . had a nice toke n laid in the hammock for a hour or so .
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Thats a freakin awesome looking pond. Time to move some fish! 8)


Feces occurs.

Coulda been worse...
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yeh its pretty nice around 45+ years old my dads buddy pulled out a 5lber the other week n my bro hung one that had to be over 8
"if i live the life im given, i wont be scared to die"


I had big plans of throwing some new weedless inventions....they did well....but the fish were'nt there....the weather went from a sunny 100 to an overcast 65 with cold 35mph winds.....caught a couple small bass, a couple hand sized bluegill....but the crappie were bitin' good! .....that is a pretty pond!

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