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Smith River Conditions

Started by rjs123, September 28, 2011, 22:44:09 PM

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The river was pretty muddy this afternoon in Fieldale. Darrin said it was fairly clear in Koehler in the morning so I guess the generation from last night may have cleared it up a bit but like I said by this afternoon it was pretty muddy again.  I went up to Bassett and only fished a half an hour before the water went up.  Saw 2 guys coming out from down river who said they got a few. I had a few missed hits and caught one. The water in Bassett was also muddy but not as bad as Fieldale and I only fished shallow water 12 inches and less. In the shallows it just had a nice stain to it.  Think it should be good tomorrow with a nice stain to it.



The Dude

The water looked pretty clear in that second photo. 
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benben reincarnated

I'm loving that second picture, pretty damn awesome.   bd;0


I does look clear but that's only 6 inches of water.

Woolly Bugger

conditions be damned, you did great...

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