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September 26, 2021, 13:41:45 PM


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Yellowstone Prong at the Graveyard Fields

Started by florida fly, September 20, 2011, 09:28:45 AM

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florida fly

Does anyone know if there are still brookies in the Yellowstone Prong at the Graveyard Fields just off the Blue Ridge Parkway?

Big J


Quote from: Big J on September 20, 2011, 09:32:41 AM

No proper introduction?



I heard early on, like in the 1800's, before the big fire there were brookies in and around that area but haven't heard much of late though.

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No more brookies.

Tranny skull-focked each and every one of them.


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benben reincarnated

Go find out.  A few of us here and can raise our hands and at least say we have.    :-*

benben reincarnated

Quote from: Grannyknot on September 20, 2011, 13:34:02 PM

No more brookies.

Tranny skull-focked each and every one of them.


Yeah but that's Hayweird County...oh wait, guess Tranny has the code on that place too.

Trout Maharishi

The few that were left will be caught and cooked before dark today thanks to this post p;- Send me some naked pics of your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, niece, neighbor, maid, aunt, grandmother, or co-worker and I'll tell you about another stream ;D

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Lefty Kreh

The Dude

I hear they spend the summers up there and then head back to Florida for the winter months.

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Keep driving, nothing to see here except ugly foreign hikers and heaps of cars with Florida tags...


I believe it is hit hard by the bait dunkers.


Last years drought was more than the few remaining brookies could take. The Y.S.P. ran dry & they have since relocated to the french broad.

peter p

I caught a few over 12 inches in the Swannanoa last week


benben reincarnated

Quote from: peter p on September 22, 2011, 20:21:23 PM

I caught a few over 12 inches in the Swannanoa last week

You bastard, you told me there were no fish in there...I see how it is now.   >:(