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Jackson River Law Suit

Started by TakeTheFly, September 10, 2011, 10:02:04 AM

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The support for the right side of the Jackson River fishing injunction case is starting to pick up and the heat is turning up on the state to intervene in some way.   Maybe you've seen all the media coverage we've been getting @ www.virginiariversdefensefund.org/media-coverage.  We're now in the discovery phase of the trial which means we have to be in full-blown fundraising mode to keep fighting the good fight.  I humbly ask all members to make a donation if you or your children ever intend to fish or use public rivers in Virginia. 

We have started a donor list on our site at www.virginiariversdefensefund.org/donate.  Make sure your name is not conspicuously absent.  We also have a downloadable flyer on our donate page which you can distribute to your fishing club members and ask your local angling retailer to display. 


Woolly Bugger


This bill addresses paddling access, but appears to negate fishing on VA's rivers
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Lived in VA all my life, but anything the state or its politicians do will never surprise me.  The interesting situation, as I see it, in Virginia, is those fine landowners can comfortably attend their Sunday services, return home with the secure feeling that no one is hunting this day or fishing on their river bottom, and they can rest on their front swing, clean their Bushmasters and Glocks, while protecting their property (land and stream) from both domestic and foreign intruders.

There likely will never be a resolution to the stream/river angling deal OR Sunday hunting in VA.  It is what it is.
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Big J

VA's whole stream access and regulations suck.  Every stream in VA has a road going along it and half of the streams have somebody who bought property at the top of the road and gated the road so no one can get any further back with signs saying "turn back" and "no trespassing.  The SNP is the only place in VA that is managed right and even then you have to battle the 50 million anglers that fish there.  There are a couple people who have posted property on streams that I've talked to and they were friendly enough to let me fish, but there are other houses on the stream where I wouldn't dare knock on their door. 

I have a feeling that you are going to see a lot more "Kings Grant" lawsuits around the Jackson River in the near future.  The people with property on the river have already been talking about it according to a few buddies of mine that fish up there a lot.  It's a same.


I hadn't heard about this b4 now because I am from NC.  I believe and always have that no water should be deemed private unless it is completely enclosed by the land such as farm ponds.  The fish in those ponds are paid for by the owner and should be left alone if he wishes. Free flowing streams and rivers should not be limited access because the water is not entirely yours. It flows past your property and on to other places.  Fish and other water born objects come from up stream and down and should belong to the public. If a landowner wants to limit access to the water across his dry land he has complete right to do so. However, if a fisherman wades or floats up or down river in the water that should be allowed. I am a land owner and if you find the stream on my property and want to fish you are welcome. All I ask is that you show some respect for my property.
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benben reincarnated

Quote from: Knuklehead on January 24, 2013, 11:23:41 AM
All I ask is that you show some respect for my property.

The whole deal Virginia water rights deal is shitty, but to your porint in a lot of cases it only takes one person to fuck it up for everyone else that follows. 

I've seen a landowner give me the stink eye on a stream until he was sure that I was going to get out of the stream once I got to his property boundary.  I would bet he couldn't give two shits about me catching and releasing dink fish on his property except that at some point in time he had a bad experience from someone that had been there before me.


Quote from: benben on January 24, 2013, 15:08:18 PM
.......... it only takes one person to fuck it up for everyone else that follows. 

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tomato can

Well with 315 million people in the good ol' USA.  The odds are excellent for someone to make a mistake or two of idiocy.  I also think people's attitude has changed.  When I was younger (lordy I say that a lot now) I could bird hunt any farm that was next to my grandaddy's farm without permission.  You just went a huntin'.  In the county I could hunt almost any farm I wanted to if I asked permission   Now nobody will let you on their farm to catch a bream with a cane pole let alone bird hunt.  People who's families have know each other from before the depression and some before the civil war.  Now they'll give you the stink eye if you just slow down and admire their property.  Plus everything is now leased all up from city folks and worse yankees. 


It's a crowded world.  The answer?  Move west.  Best I can think of.


Same here. My dad and I would Pheasant hunt among other hunting and as long as you weren't abusing the farmers property, they had no problems with hunters or even fishermen. We would Dove hunt down dirt road we would go down just to get to the shore line to fish for Stripers all night but, now all land is private with no access given unless you are friends of the family or have written permission. It's a crazy world now
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Wooly, you can find some more info on the stream navigation bill there.  It started off pretty good, with an open definition of recreational use, but I think it has digressed to a pretty worthless bill at this point.  Strictly a recreational boating bill.

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I ran into Creigh Deeds yesterday in a Bath County eatery.  He mentioned SB 880 and seemed enthusiastic about it.  I have no idea of its fate.
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