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Good Creek/ New here

Started by PisgahSpeck, June 28, 2011, 21:30:42 PM

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I've been reading here for awhile finally decided to make a post.  I got to a creek today for a couple hours, there was good water and good action.  I've been having trouble with drys the past couple of days, but not the case today.  Got fish in about every hole.  I was a on a blue line somewhere in the south mills drainage.  I tried putting some pictures from this afternoon but I couldn't figure out how to do that without having a file too large,  any help there?  But I made it out today without worrying about driving, I'll need to fill my flask and cooler up and bring some more gear for tomorrow. 

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Thanks.  Here's a few.[attachimg=1][attachimg=2][attachimg=3][attachimg=4]

benben reincarnated

Good stuff...hopefully you beat the rain out, storming something crazy around here yesterday.


Yeah I got to the truck in time.  Lightning got bad and I decided to call it.  Got 191 and couldn't see but about 10 yds.


Continued...same creek different day (today from about 11-4.   Was catchin enough that fish tore up two of my flys, gettin great size and numbers.  Big pools usually produced 2-3 fish.  Specks spread out in all parts of the creek.  Rainbows in the backs of pools and in the runs.  Spooked a lot of fish at the back of pools, there were some tough spots underneath the laurel and rhododendron.  Probably 50% roll cast, 40% bow and arrow, 10% full cast.  Wasted about an hour on a damn ghost fish.  Had to be 15-20" rainbow.  Couldn't get to him.  Spooked him then tried to wait and have a beer but I never saw him again. [attach=1]  First fish of the day, followed by the first goozle.  [attach=2]  [attach=3]  Gettin back at it after lunch.  [attach=4]  Good day.

benben reincarnated

Nice chit...we'll have to hit that creek sometime.