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Pigeon Forge TN... Where to fish?

Started by thenextlevel, June 23, 2011, 09:17:50 AM

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I will be on vacation there in a few weeks, will hopefully have a couple of days to try out the trout or smallmouth fishing in the area.  Where is the best places to go?  I couldn't really find much on google. Thanks!


The smokies have a couple of streams.

Woolly Bugger

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Didn't "The Forge" get ruined by that sewer spill? I would think all those chemicals cleaned house on the little river. But much like Kyle and Woolly mentioned, you have a smorghasbord of options in the Smokys. Stay away from Lynn Camp Prong, they are fixing the problem, being invasive cockroach rainbow trout removal ;D


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Quote from: Transylwader on June 23, 2011, 11:04:25 AM

Didn't "The Forge" get ruined by that sewer spill?

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exactly 1 week after the spill..its still fishing good too. The Little and all the other smokies streams are above where the spill occured. It just basicly went to the French Broad.


Yeah.. I kinda figured the smokies probably have a few trout streams.  You guys are about as much help as Google was.  :D


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There you go. Head to Townesend and LRO fly shop they know the deal and are very helpful. Damn fine shop too. The smallie I put up was caught in Sevierville off the main rd.



Yes.  That gives me something to go one.  Thanks for your help!

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Check out poonany crick. i hear it runs outta noneofyobiznass holla :P  I've got a few more suggestions for you but I'll save those for the sunday service on the river bro. Do yourself a flavor, take a note from these guys,  and drink some good beer while your down there. You know I'm gonna be hiding in your trunk when you head out so make sure you book a room with an extra bed and a mini bar... better yet a real bar! See you soon buddy!