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2006 Winston Fly Rods

Started by Rod Champion, January 17, 2006, 19:42:19 pm

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Rod Champion

The Boron 11x is phenomenal. The lightest , most precise casting rod I have ever seen. Up close are real far away is a piece of cake with this rod.
The rod that has really gottne my attention is the new Winston Vapor . We have been fishing this rod a lot lately. It is the real deal. It definetly has the " Winston Feel". Cosmetically very nice - wooden insert and all. It cast very easily. Up close or far away, they got  a winner with this one. You gotta put one of these babies in your hand and take a feel. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Rod + Matt Champion
Fly Shop/ Guide Service
Located ON the S. Holston River

Stuart R.

Oh hush Rod. The wife is already about to kill me! You are like a crack dealer, oh come on one more hit! Just kidding! >:D No keep it coming nice to know whats out there. I seen that Vapor Matt had it with him on Holston that last time looked nice.

CPR Catch, Photo, Release.


& if you like broomsticks that aren't to pleasant to look at(IMO) checkout the Ascent :o That Vapor is a nice rod for the $$$


Rod Champion

Agrred Grump- The Vapor 5 ewt. would make a good Bass rod ;D ;D ;D  But that Vapor is the real deal..
Rod + Matt Champion
Fly Shop/ Guide Service
Located ON the S. Holston River


8'6" 4 wt BIIX the best casting rod I have ever held in my hand.

This rod is so sweet.


  Just joined the BIIx club myself. Got a 8 1/2' 5wt in today and it is as sweet as everyone says it is. I am very,very happy with it.
"I don't much care for hatchery trout. They're better than no trout at all, but otherwise they're inferior in every way to their wild relatives" - John Gierach

Rod Champion

Yep- the Boron does whatever you tell it to.  0--0
Rod + Matt Champion
Fly Shop/ Guide Service
Located ON the S. Holston River

Rod Champion

Just got back from playing with the Wisnton BLLX 2 - 8'6"- 5 wt.- That is a true toy. What a pleasure to cast. This thing makes anyone be a good caster. My goodness, what a rod.
Hey Grumpy- put a 4 wt. GPX on the 9' 4wt. Accent- see what you think.
It will flat chunk some line. And actually feels pretty good for $179.
Then try the 8' 3wt. with GPX 3 wt. on it and tell me what you think of it. Cast pretty good.
Rod + Matt Champion
Fly Shop/ Guide Service
Located ON the S. Holston River


uhh Rod, send the lines to the shop, we don't sell them ;D


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