Big Horse creek wild trout area Ashe County, NC

Started by GROUSEBUGGER, June 03, 2011, 21:46:07 PM

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I have fished the wild trout section of Big horse creek recently, but am not finding trout.  I have gone down from the Virginia state line and up from the Ripshin road bridge.  The only fish have been fingerling rainbows, and very few of those. Am I missing something ?? Are ther any biologist studies similar to the ones done by the Virginia or Tennesse game depts??

Get Bent

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Grousebugger, Get Bent is LYING! There aren't any fish in there. Your best option? The Davidson. It's full of wild fish...


The Davidson is AWESOME!  North Mills River is the shit too!!! :P
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Yes. You are getting really good info here. Ask the legendary Mighty Trout Maharishi about the Davidson. He'll give you places to camp and  the secret spots around the hatchery area....


Quote from: Transylwader on June 03, 2011, 21:56:17 PM
The Davidson. It's full of wild fish...

Good to see you're finally realizing the truth.
Quote from: Transylwader on June 03, 2011, 21:56:17 PM
The Davidson. It's full of wild fish.


Whoever said this is not an open and welcoming bunch!  God, it makes me tear up a bit.  ???

Hang in there Grosbeak, er bug, er whatever.  Or not, we really don't give a shit!   ;D


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