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Trout Tuesday

Started by benben, May 17, 2011, 19:43:23 PM

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benben reincarnated

I've been itching to get out again this week and as I sat and watched the radar all day while at work I was hoping my destination would stay out from under the green on the radar.  As luck would have it, it rained all day at work, but it must have been an early birthday present for me because things were looking good further west.  I left work at 4:00, knowing I had to be back home by 7:00, time was short.

A hit a all too familiar wild stream, fished for just over an hour and brought 20 fish to my hand.  By far, one of the best power hour outings I've had.  I stood in one place and  landed 7 fish on 8 casts, no chit.  Despite the air temp at 49, water temp at 52, things were just right.  Fished the same dry, against my initial intuition to fish a dry dropper or nymph rig, for the entire outing, a cdc-winged cahill floating emerger pattern I tied.   ;D

Anybody looking for their grill?


Pulled the last fish below out of here...


A few of the highlights...



2nd to last fish I caught before I quit   -0-



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peter p

Glad I stayed at worked and covered for your ***.  Everyone has been too nice to you.  So, I have to tell you.....YOU SUCK!!!!   


diaz dassie

Man, I gotto get me outta Raleigh before I spill a shitty slickers blood. Gettin it done Ben, quality mate 'c;

The Dude

Quote from: Transylwader on May 17, 2011, 22:11:00 PM

Man, I gotto get me outta Raleigh before I spill a shitty slickers blood. Gettin it done Ben, quality mate 'c;

It sounds like someone needs to take a birthday trip to the mountains today.

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benben reincarnated

Thanks guys.     ;D

Don't hate Peter.  I'm sure you'll get into a chitload of fish after work today yourself.  Probably going north-bound after work one day next week so you'll need to find an excuse to leave early.