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Post from a lurker from way back.

Started by brookie, May 05, 2011, 21:55:48 PM

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This is really a post from a reborn flyfisher. I don't know if any of you remember me from FlyfishingSouth forum or some of the others, but I used to hang around and do recognize some members. Leedawg, glad to see you are still around.  You once turned me on to a sweet Brookie stream when I wanted to take my son somewhere special. We also hooked up on the Helton during some big gatherings. I am still using the wading boots you sold me from Wilson's in Morganton.
Anyway, I have fished exactly twice in the last 2 years due to work and graduate school. Went to South Mtns last week and was pleasantly surprised that I remembered how to set the hook. Anyway, glad to find a forum with some real fly fishers and  to get back into my once loved habit. Just watched a Trout Unlimited TV show with Squeak on the So Holsten.


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yup, a few of us were members of the VFS.. and through that board the first Psycho Fly Fishing event was held.

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That use to be a good board. Very active, lots of good guys and some good trips. It was a victim of a feathered prick that took great pleasure ruining the internet one site at a time. b';

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Fly Fisherman Magazines VFS Southern States BB, in the late 90's  was where I first  encountered some of these folks...

Hell, I lurked for over a year before I made a post.  I still can't typefor shit.

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Welcome back! I havent been back at it long. Have fished excatly zero days this year myself due to a re-education endeavor. Figured I got mine last year and many before. So I try to pry myself from fishing bumness back into the real world. Hung up the tool belt, working with Rhody @ his nursery and training to be a firefighter/EMT. I'll get some fishing in eventually this year. If you get checked by a slim tall bald guy @ South Mtn, thats my cousin Brad! Glad you got out of grad school and back fishing!


Good luck on the schoolin' I am proof that you never get too old to learn. I still have some of those SLF Caddis you gave me on the Helton..... I think that is where I first saw one.



My son and I watched the show about the SOHO and got so psyched, we are planning our first trip there this Friday!


Thanks Brookie. Those SLF's are good bugs! Good Luck Flyguy. The SoHo can be the great humbler at times. Bring your A game.