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Annual PA run... 6 days, 5 streams and one lake

Started by troutfanatic, April 30, 2011, 21:52:55 PM

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So it would be that I did my annual run to PA and hit some of the home waters I fished as a kid. I knew I was asking for trouble because the weather in western and central PA has been shit with rain most every day for the last month or so. Pittsburgh's vaunted three rivers are just below flood stage as I type and another storm could finish the job. A week after PA's state-wide opener has occurred, I figured the power-bait and velveeta chuckers had their fill.

I got into town last Sat at 3am and slept for a few hours to be awakened by my long time buddy Jack who was child free and eager to hit the waters.

by 10:30 we were on the water and the first stream was BTFO...
It ended up being a skunker.
I managed to slip away from the dinner table on Easter Sunday and I found a few, including this guy
Day 3 found me on another stream and much better conditions. The water was lower and clear enough to see the bottom. I did not need to put 20 split shot on to get down to the fish.
Black buggers with a gold bead and a bit of flashabou was the best bet but, this guy took the renowned Al Kitteridge "Allie Worm"
Day 3 was much better and I concluded with a few of the local libations at the family pub
Day 4 put me on another stream transformed into a river
That particular run kept me busy for a few hours. Dark Hare's Ears and Pheasant Tails were the bill of the day. I saw some coming to the surface to grab something but could never figure out what. They were black and equivalent to a size 16 or 18 dry but had no idea what. I tried BWOs and Quill Gs but no luck. For shits and gigles I tried various nymphs and midges below a stimulator. The bottom one always got the fish. Speaking of which, I was surprised at the amount of brookies I was pulling. This is because they are not supposed to be in most of the streams I fished. The PA Fish Commission lists by stream, by date by species for most of their stockings. This particular county is too far south and water quality blows so no brookies; but then again...
Day 5 put me on a lake, so the youn'uns could fling salted minnies and powerbait. I was disgusted... crowded and many retirees who long since forgot the way to the streams who act like they own the spots they fish from and get frustrated at a five and six year old trying to fish. This day was a bust and my girls were disapointed.
Day six took me back to stream one and two in the morning with a mixed batch of brownies, brookies and a smallie. After nap time, I took Emira my 5 year old out to the stream near my mother-in-law's house. Kinda amazing, watching a little girl who isn't yet five (July) fling panther martins on a 2' barbie fishing rod and nail a trifecta. She even caught the elusive rainbow which were few and far between for me all week.
Please, no shit over dangling the brookie on a spinner in front of a camera. I know better, my 15 year old neice does not but is learning. I promise you it did not suffer long and was quite tasty. This may bring me some smites... Yes, I keep a few and I eat the damn things; less than a dozen a year and NEVER a native fish. In this part of PA thoes pellet-fed beasts will all either be dead on the rocks, washed into the allegheny and eaten by musky, raccon shit or in someone's freezer... might as well be mine.

On photos... I never can seem to remember a camera. The quality sucks but a cell phone is what I had >:(

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me -There's a season?

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Big White Leeches and tons of lead or spinning rod and a nice flashy crankbait. Yozuri Rainbow trout suspenders are my favorite. Glad the little gal got to put the Barbie rod to good use!!!!!!

Hate the water was blown. PA is some prime fishing.

Get Bent

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Drop by Loren William's site and look through his tying tutorials.  The Sexy Walts worm and the Vladi are great high water patterns for PA.



Quote from: wvyou on May 08, 2011, 21:23:29 PM

Drop by Loren William's site and look through his tying tutorials.  The Sexy Walts worm and the Vladi are great high water patterns for PA.


Thanks for the fly tying site wvyou  'c;  Good stuff there. I may try a few.

TF - love the photo of your Barbie girl. Bring her out to Pechmann Center and we will let her cacth a 7-10 pound catfish on that rod.


If you're ever through Millheim, make sure you stop in at Elk Creek for a one of their top notch brews.

http://www.elkcreekcafe.net/   0:0