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SoHo report....Easter evening through wed. 4/27 noon.

Started by outdoorguy3, April 28, 2011, 17:53:05 PM

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April 28, 2011, 17:53:05 PM Last Edit: April 29, 2011, 06:00:23 AM by outdoorguy3

Well, got a chance to visit a great watershed and do some fishing. Went over to the SoHo with a friend from the fly fishing clinics in Fayetteville. Bob met me Easter Sunday around noon and we headed to the SoHo for a few days of fishing. Bob had only been to the river once before and had fished with a guide. We arrived around 5:00 in the evening and headed straight to the river. Manged a few fish before heading to Mr. Blake's for a visit.

Hit the river around 10 the next morning after a much need good nights sleep. Had to fish second choice water because there were two gentleman fishing the area I wanted to fish. Didn't matter, the bite was on. Caught fish after fish. For the first hour or so, it was almost a fish on every drift......unreal. We were finally able to move up and fish the area I wanted after the folks fishing there left the river around 12:30. Same story there, the fish were really active and taking midges with lust. Fished there until around 5:00 and moved to a spot down stream and caught a few more fish before calling it a night and heading for some grub.

Fished the next morning at a different section on the stream and I was helping my buddy get into some fish. Rigged him up before we got on the river and then took him to a spot and adjusted his rig so he could start fishing. Threw the flies in the water so he could make his first cast and he had a 14" fish take his rig before he could make a cast. He lost his whole mess so we had to re-rig everything. Bob, caught 5 fish on 6 drifts after getting re-rigged. Not bad for his second time on the river. I went down stream and worked my way back to where we started. When I got to the little area where I started Bob, I was able to catch another 10 fish outta that spot. Bob had worked his way up river and had caught more fish on his own.

Wed. morning was just as productive. Six fish on six drifts! We fished to 12 noon and headed to the hill as Bob wanted to get home before dark. Kindda went against my grain as I drove home in the daylight, but there will be a next time.

To sum it up, the midge bite was on strong. Caught fish on trout crack and small nymphs as well. Fish to be had on Soft Hackles too. Great time and great trip. No hatches seen to speak of, but Blake did see a good spinner fall Tuesday night while fishing with some other folks. The river is fishing good and as always I can't get enough of that river and can't wait until I can get back over there! Bob took some pics, but I stopped carrying a camera long ago.......takes too much time away from the fishing!

See ya all on the river!

Ralph :D

Life's about havin' FUN!!!

Woolly Bugger

Yeah, on fire, that's what it was when I was there on Saturday... Glad you got a chance to slay 'em

ex - I'm not going to live with you through one more fishing season!

me -There's a season?

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diaz dassie


You suck even more coz you don't share your fish porn! Good urn Ralph :D


Sounds like a great time!  I was on the river Saturday and I have never saw that many people on the water.  Even with the masses on the water, the fishing was awesome.  I wish I would have known that you were up here...You could have taught me how to use that rod wrapper.  ;D



Plenty of vids on youtube and you can go to Mudhole web site and find all the video instruction you need.

Have at it bud......you can't hurt  or brak anything. Just jump in and have fun!

Ralph   :D

Life's about havin' FUN!!!