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Linville Gorge trail fishing

Started by thamilton89, February 21, 2011, 17:57:08 PM

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Im doing the linville gorge trail over break in a couple weeks and was just wondering if there were some good fishing anywhere along the trail not looking for any spots just wondering if i can pull some nice fish out along the way.

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I friend of  mine, in his 50s along with his wife just did the pinchin trail  :o this past weekend!
(over2,000 ft decent in a mile!!!!)

The water looks good down there, but I've always heard that it is difficult to fish the river in the gorge.
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Sorry to say it, but trout in the Linville gorge are few and far between. Silt from developments above, warm water temps, etc, have reduced the Linville river to a shadow of what it used to be. Actually, it sucks big-time. I would recommend just going on a fun backpacking/camping trip and don't bother bringing your fly rod. The Linville River is basically dead, unless you can manage a stogger here and there  -- (not in the gorge area).


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Linville Gorge aint worth a shit. I mirror what Phil said, development/silt, still a nice river to raft down! Some wise ass actually made it down the falls last year, survived and got arrested :laugh: Try the streams tumbling off Grandfather Mtn. If you bust out a map, look at the area to the immediate east of the Gorge, a real variety of wild waters.


Oh well still going to do the trail was hoping to catch some fish while i was out of raleigh tho.


thamilton89 if you want to catch some fish around Boone, i suggest you come spend a damn weekend with me.


Actually, there should be fish in the gorge, just not trout.  Even above the falls, where it's stocked, the water is pretty marginal. 


No, there is trout in the gorge, actually pretty big ones. The water depth and current make them nearly impossible to target though. Deep nymphing and slow lead weighted streamer presentations can produce fish with patience. 


Dotsonnt is correct.  There are a few trout in there.  Smallmouth are much more abundant though.  Take a rod.  The rock climbing down there is much better than the fishing though!

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"There are a few trout in there."

A key phrase. If you want to waste your time trying to get down to the few remaining trout in the gorge with sinking lines in huge pools and fast currents, have at it. As far as I'm concerned, the trout fishing down there sucks.

Get Bent

Take a map! The trails are poorly marked in some areas, and people have died there as well. The fishing is ok, but this early in the year will be kinda shitty because of water temps.

Post up a report when you get back, I am interested to hear your take on the area!

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Don't drink the water! Even boiling is not recommended. supposedly alot of runoff from commercial, etc. Some farmer has been dumping tires in upstream for "erosion" concerns and they have been in the river for 50 years now. I have fished the "gorge" and caught everything, but not alot of trout. redeyes, sunfish, small smallies, suckrs.  Wish we could "repair" this fishery. Beautiful water. Lots of over use along the banks in the gorge. Lots of silt. my 2 cents.

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Is Linville fishable during March?  Reason I ask, the last time that I was by the river it was posted Hatchery Supported.