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October 20, 2021, 15:06:13 PM


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Huntin Dem Bones (Part II)

Started by Rhody, February 20, 2011, 23:06:24 PM

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Ok, so we were down there for 8 days and got lots of pics, here are some more. Got a lot more pics than I did bones, but had a damn good time huntin dem bones every mornin, drinkin rum with the sunsets







This was one of the easier roads down to the beach, but well worth it, very isolated, remote and beautiful beaches


One more set to come tomorrow of some snorkeling pics, Here was the rum and pineapple shot for most evenings


My picture weighs more than your picture.


Good deal man making me jealous, a bunch of my friends are heading down to Abaco on Thursday.

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diaz dassie

Dayum Rhody, thats some good shit, way to make an ahole chasing 6" brookies in frozen box canyons wanna say fuck it... b';

I thinks I may have to fly south for some Carribean action.Over Ole Man wanker, I mean winter already...


Very cool my man.  Just back from Grand Cayman and my first bonefish adventure.  I assure you it will not be the last.  They are speed demons for sure.  The take is not as exciting as a good bow on a hopper but the run is spectacular....into your backing in seconds....just amazing.

Get Bent

Where is a picture of the dingy???

Konichiwa Bitches!


Hell yeah, I need some salty air and some rum myself. 0:0


FTB-Fuk that boat-the house came with a dingy with a 5 hp motor, was planning on fishing the backcountry with it-lets see-finally got a motor that would run on the 5th day of the trip-fished the sunset, on the way back in, motor cuts out, wind blowing me to the next island over, if the one guy on the one sailboat around hadn't heard me cussing, I would still be out there, took him over an hour to tow me in, well after dark when I got back to shore. I left the boat tied up to a dock and told the owner where it was and what he could do with that damned boat  b';

Twinbridges-also not my last trip, but will try another island for more bones. The Eleutheran guides told me that a lot of the locals had gill netted out the large populations of bones, the largest group I saw was only about 12 fish or so, and most were shots at cruising singles or doubles, did not see a tailing fish all week long.

Yep, it was awful nice to be drinking rum barefooted with shorts on at midnite. TW you just need to pull the trigger and go

My picture weighs more than your picture.


just came across this...looks like a great trip, what amazing fish

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