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West Virginia Streams Open?

Started by castaway, February 20, 2011, 09:58:26 AM

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Anybody know when streams in West Virginia become reasonably fishable?  I.e. free of snow and with some bug activity (other than winter stones)?  Mostly I am thinking of Pendleton and Pocahontas counties and some of the tributaries of the Greenbrier.  I'm no longer a cold weather fisherman, and haven't hit those streams in the past before May.  Now that I live 2 hours closer, I plan to be there with some regularity.


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There are a few assuage on there, bu I am sure some of the decent folks might help you out.
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Castaway, my brother and I have a camp at Durbin,Wv and I usually wait till the middle of April before planning any trip to the two branches of the Greenbrier.  But it depends on the weather, they have had alot of snow this year.     Flyrod!!!

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