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Lake Rim FF Clinic Program of Instuction for Sat, Jan 14, 2006

Started by Al, January 04, 2006, 09:34:10 AM

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I sent the following email to my list of volunteers. I know there are some of you whose name is not on my list that are intersted in helpiong out so I will post it again here. Like all volunteer efforts we end up with too few or too many but that goes with the territory. If you can come, let me know via regualr email to my home account. Thanks.

Hi Guys & Gals:

Hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ours at the Kittredge household was super. I received my best present early - those two replacement hips that Santa and Dr Kuba brought were just what I needed. They are working fine. I've already tested them on some trout and salmon streams and they also worked well while deer hunting.

It is about 10 days from the first NCWLC sponsored Fly Fishing Clinic which is scheduled for Saturday, Jan 14, 2006. The gate to the John Pechmann Fishing Education Center (Lake Rim Hatchery) in Fayetteville, NC will open at 8am with the clinic startinhg at 9am and going until 3pm.

The instruction will closely mirror what we did for the Boy Scouts at the final clinic in 2005. The schedule will look like this:

    Class Room Instruction (for all - 45 min) 
      There will be an introduction by NCWLC followed by a general overview of FF by one of the   volunteers.

    15 min break

    Divide into four equal groups - Rotate between Stations 1 through 4 every 15 min with a 5 min break between rotations

        Station 1 - Habitat, environmental issues & FF ethics (same classroom as above)
            Primary instruction by NCWLC, assisted by one volunteer.

        Station 2 - NC trout stream laws & regulations (classroom down the hallway)
            Primary instruction by NCWLC, assisted by one volunteer

        Station 3 - Rod Assembly / Fly Fishing Knots (class will be held in overhead covered area by main entrance)
            Instruction by two volunteers. We will have two tables set up. One will have two disassembled rods and the other will have supplies to demonstrate and practice knots. Break students down into two groups. Quickly demonstrate and have students practice assembling rods and tying two knots - Improved clinch and double surgeons knot.

        Station 4 - Practice casting on the catfish ponds w/o fly attached (Catfish pond directly in front of classroom)
            Instruction by remaining volunteers (one for every 2 students would be ideal). Have 10 rods w/o flies already laid out about 10 feet apart along the edge of catfish ponds. Have students fall in on a rod. One volunteer will give basic demo while all watch. Students then practice basic casting under guidance of volunteer instructors. Return rods to rack at the end of                 4th rotation.
    15 min break after all have made the four rotations

    Fishing on the trout ponds (3 1/2 hours or until 3pm) (all available volunteers)
            Students pick up a rod from the overhead area. Divide into two equal groups and proceed to trout ponds along with all available volunteers. Volunteers should assist students with proper fly selection and observe them as they tie fly to tippet (let them do it but intervene if required). Space them out to avoid entanglements and to insure safety. Observe and assist  as required.

            Every effort will be made to insure the first four clinics are "catch and release" clinics. Safe fish handling will be a main ingredient of the instruction. Any fish killed due to deep hooking or other reasons will be placed in a cooler and one of the volunteers will conduct a fish cleaning demonstration at the conclusion of the clinic.

These clinics would not be possible without the help of volunteers. We had a great group of volunteers in 2005 and I hope that you will consider once again devoting some of your precious time to this very worthwhile endeavor.

For those of you who volunteer in 2006 I will place your names on a list at the John Pechmann Fishing & Education Center and you will be allowed access to the trout ponds during the centers normal open hours to hone your fly fishing skills and test fly patterns which you think the fish might like. Obviously this will be on a catch and release basis. You must check in with Marshal Ray at the center and be on the volunteer list - no guests please. You can also fish prior to the start of each clinic and after most of the students depart at the end of each clinic. Volunteers should refrain from fishing during the clinic because your expertise is needed helping the students.
••We need to confirm which of our volunteer FF instructors will be attending to assist with the January 14th clinic. Please confirm by email as soon as possible.

Al Kittredge
FFC Volunteer Coordinator

Email aakitt@earthlink.net
Tele (910)868-6235