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saturday was a good day to be out

Started by Rhody, December 13, 2010, 18:08:34 PM

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December 13, 2010, 18:08:34 PM Last Edit: December 13, 2010, 18:23:04 PM by Rhody

Couldn't stand it anymore and had to get out. Sat. looked like the best weather day for a while, but thanks to the TVA folks, Soho was out, and after a couple of late discussions Friday night, met up in Elizabethton with WRector on Saturday am to float the Watauga and let her redeem herself.

WRector showed up with hippie beers in hand and we were on the water. First couple of rips had a fish and ldr or 3,but it was showing some promise. Then WRector showed me how it was done.


This is what the fish saw most of the day from Will.

We got just what I was hoping for about 1pm-Blue Wings-We stayed in one spot for the next several hours throwing dries to rising fish in Dec., pretty damn good time for several hours. Had a good spell of fishing dries and we poked down the river watching the sun and the fishing slow down, but a couple of Ellie's Brown Ales and Oatmeal Porters made up for the slow down on the bottom part of the river.

I think the Wataug is coming back around to fishing decent, now if the weather would just improve a little. Woolly sorry you didn't make it, I had some single malt with your name on it.


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Its pretty bad when my raft makes it to the Watauga without me..... At least it had some good fishing Mojo on it for you guys. Good stuff, wished I could have been there. Next time for sure! Hippie beers and BWO's,  what more can you ask for.

Heres a smite for ya Chuckles! :-* And You suck :o


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Definitely a good time with great company!  Hard to be beat dry flies in the winter time and good beer.

Glad we were able to make something out of a not so promising day...   0:0

Thanks again Rhody!

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Woolly Bugger

very nice indeed, but both of youse guys suck!

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Glad you guys got out despite the TVA and Mutha Nature! I kept my ass inside and played with my kitties!!!!! Good dry fry action always good!!!!


Good to hear those fish got some sore lips! 'c;


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