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December 05, 2021, 10:56:07 AM


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Catch and Release Wren

Started by ajhock, December 09, 2010, 17:17:09 PM

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Fished the N Mills today and successfully released a Carolina Wren that tried to eat a Green Weenie that somebody left hanging from a branch and got hooked in the bill.  I also released a few stockies.  Girdle Bug.

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Stuart R.

That is funny about the bird.


CPR Catch, Photo, Release.


Glad the bird made it out okay.

peter p

I went to a presentation by the local wildlife guys and they said this is actually a common occurance and becoming a big issue.



Yet another reason to try to recover your flies from from bushes and trees.  Good job, although I'll bet that wren panicked when it saw you reaching for him.... 


Excellent work......Wrens are the yappiest birds in my yard.  They fuss about everything but are great entertainment.

Woolly Bugger

Carolina Wrens are one of my favorite song birds! good work and a good way to earn + karma too!

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tomato can

Every spring one of them wrens gets in the house - sets my bird dogs on fire with ensuing pandemonium of the dogs, my wife, knocked over furniture until the wren escapes.   

Trout Maharishi

Taste just like Chicken, and they have great feathers for small soft hackles. Look carefully at the ones coming to your feeders. I have 3 different types this time of year. Most are Carolina and House or Common, but I have seen a couple Winter wrens in the last couple weeks.

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Lefty Kreh


TM, what did you do with that one that was stuck in my grill?