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November 30, 2021, 07:42:38 AM


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New to Forum.. What new 4wt to buy?

Started by Dangerfield, December 08, 2010, 20:27:17 PM

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Hello, I'm new to this forum.  Been looking at this forum and others for a year or so to learn as much as I can about the sport.  Been hooked for about two years now.

I am looking at buying a new rod.  I currently use a cheapo from bass pro 7'6'' 5wt and an older eagle claw glass rod 7ft 5wt.
I'm looking to upgrade to a better feeling rod.  Warranty plays a role in my purchase as I'm kinda rough on equipment. I have a few Loomis bass rods that have great warrantys.  I like the fact if I break a rod I can pay a small fee to have it fixed or replaced even if it was my fault.

I'll be fishing hatchery supported streams and a few small brook trout streams.  Also, used some for some panfish on ponds and lake.  Live on High Rock Lake in Lexington.
Looking at getting a 7' or 7'6'' ft 4wt and don't wanna spend over $300.  Appreciate any help or opinions. 

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You should go to a shop and cast as many different brands as possible before buying..

That being said..Scott rods really lay it down..


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Trouthemp.... Damn compactor is hell on the gear  bd;0


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