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Where to go?

Started by TroutBumNT, November 29, 2010, 21:16:58 PM

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It looks like I have the weekend free & was thinking about heading to the mountains. I'm in Florence SC & it's 4 hours to the Davidson, Chattooga, Smith (never been) & I am not sure where else. Any suggestions on where to go within 4 hours or so?



I'd head the other direction. 

Sea Trout hot in Hilton Head / Beaufort, SC area:
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Hmmm....sounds interesting.  May be heading that way in the next month or so with the wife. Kinda have my mind set on real trout this weekend, though........

diaz dassie

Id hit salt before I hit mountains. SNP is prolly gonna suck ass this weekend, but I'll go coz I can, I'd prefer to be in a wettie paddling into some waves or catching reds :(


From Florence, it doesn't make a lot of difference in drive time.  I'd head over toward Sylva and hit the Tuckasege or a bit further west to the Nantahala.  Both DH streams are fishing pretty well.  The Tuck gets a lot more pressure, but, unlike the Davidson, it's a big stream and can handle it.  You can have 3 or 4 people fishing in the same section without interfering with each other.   In size, the Nanty is a lot like the D, but with a higher gradient.


Thank for the info PHG. Why is it going to suck Transylwader?

I guess I could always just stay around here, bass fish & drink a lot :S


go to the Holston River and you will never ask where to go again........................ 'c; 'c; 'c;Be safe
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diaz dassie

Quote from: TroutBumNT on November 30, 2010, 13:18:44 PM
Why is it going to suck Transylwader?
Shenandoah can be awful slow in winter, plus the temps this weekend are gonna be frigid, was gonna back pack into a creek on the west slope but decided to stay in a hotel instead hearing it's gonna be 20F. I would take JWGNC's advice and smack them sea trout/redfish down at the coast! I don't know how cold the weather is gonna be in WNC this weekend, if it's mild, sure, if its 35F during the day? Sloooooooow.

Woolly Bugger

wuss, the boys spent 3 days up on the ridge; low to mid-teens during the night...
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I was not in complete control of my senses (drunk) when I replied, tongue in cheek.  I don't fish the coast - but it sounded so good I passed it on.

What I would do is get the county map book - and the Trout Maps from NC, and go explore.  Take a tour of the countryside, and take a look at some of the streams you might want to fish in better water conditions.  Find a place you'd like to catch a fish. 

If you catch a few - it's a bonus
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diaz dassie

Quote from: jwgnc on November 30, 2010, 21:14:07 PM

I was not in complete control of my senses (drunk) when I replied, tongue in cheek. 
Wow. way to go Jay Dub, you just stitched both our asses up 'c;

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I'd fish one of the delayed harvest streams. Cold weather, high water, typical conditions that inhibit wild trout waters seem to have far less effect on stocked fish. Got any photos of your wife? We like women and men with purdy lips around here ;D :P
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Damnit TM you hot spotter - I was goin DH-in this weekend
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One of the advantages of a tailwater, like the Tuck (or the SoHo) is that they are less affected by the weather.  The water temperatures owe more to the release schedule than to passing cold fronts. 

That said, a cold wind is still a cold wind.  Dress appropriately, and be prepared to fish deep.

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And the South Holston still is  having sulphur hatches daily... is that crazy or what.
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