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Heading for Key West this weekend

Started by rjs123, November 23, 2010, 22:15:47 PM

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Well Im heading for Key West this weekend with my assistant Nicole and will be there for about a week.  Ill be set up at Pirates In Paradise as a vendor taking tintypes of people.

Ill have my 8wt with me and hope I get a little bit of time to try some fishing. Not sure whats available from shore there though.  After than Ill be up near Tampa like I was last year.  May be back again in December but plan to spend a month or 2 in Safety Harbor near Tampa/St Pete on the bay over the winter months.

Here is a tintype pic of me and my helper Nicole:

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Looks like a lot of fun.

Fishing, photography & assistants.

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No wonder you haven't been posting many reports.


thanks for making our lives seem worthless. braggart.

Trout Maharishi

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Which one are you?
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I like the part where the sign says, "Made using 19th Century equipment and techniques".

Did 19th century photographers really have assistants that looked like that? ;)

Woolly Bugger

pretty cool! I'd like to hang out in Key West again..
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Admit it, you don't have the energy to wade anymore, do you? -0- -0-


I don't think they are going to appreciate your assistant in Key West.  You would be better off carrying Barney Frank with you. :D


The person on the left has nice boots  'c;
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Ya,  she does get a lot of compliments on her boots Croaker!

And Ben, I think your right about the locals but Im sure she will have all those out of town pirates hanging around out tent and hopefully buying pictures.


Robert, Eat some conch fritters for me!



Robert, I never made it back to the Smith to fish. So I never saw you. I have been going to Dobson. Post when you get back, I need to make a point to get back on the Smith. Becarfull and have a safe trip.
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Wading off Key West is tough at best. Take your assistant to Islamarada just south of Key Largo next time! You can rent a boat at the marina at Tavernier Creek

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