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Intro - Fire away

Started by RScott, October 20, 2010, 17:01:37 PM

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I am not up to par with many of you in terms of fly fishing ability, tying, or bluelining. I have some fish pic's, no boob pics, but mostly not enough talent, charm or charisma to impress anything above a single cell organism or politician.

I love fly fishing, tying, furling, not above enjoying catching pellet fed pigs, bluegill, redbreast, carp or any other fish that will take a fly. I make a good toadie in as much as I will fetch beer without shaking it up, get firewood when needed and can push a boat off rocks - but can't row for squat.

Will stay in the quarantine area until I feel better....

Nothing special here - RScott


Welcome, post up some fish porn.

I don't know how to tie flies, I don't know a stonefly from a mayfly from a blue winged olive, etc.

I do know how to catch wild trout and that's what I enjoy doing.

Hardcore blueliner here, if a stream is wider than 25 feet, it frightens me.    :o

Boulder hopping, blue lining, and bush wacking are my three middle names.  ;D



Fetch firewood and beer?  I may just have to invite you summers.


-you can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.  Robert A. Heinlein.


You sound like an honest fisherman.  I'm not sure we are that tolerant....

Welcome aboard, anyway. 


Thanks guys - I can't seem to get enough of this fly fishing thingy, one from today...

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diaz dassie

hell yeah man! A wild bruiser brownski, Good chit lad 'c;

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