Vintage Orvis CFO 123 Disc reel w/leather reel case

Started by Doctrout, October 16, 2010, 15:38:27 PM

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I have a vintage, machined aluminum, Orvis CFO 123 Disc reel with a zippered, leather, reel case for sale. This reel is one of the old, English-made disc drag reels with the dark green finish and the bright reel foot. The reel measures 2 7/8 inches in diameter and is designed to hold a 1-4 weight line. The reel is in good cosmetic condition with some wear visible on the edges but no scratches or dents. Will sell for $165 shipped.[img]


I do have several pictures available but this forum is not user friendly to pictures. Thus, if you will PM me with you e-mail address, I will be happy to send them to you.


do you know how old it is? and how much it cost new?
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I am afraid that I don't know exactly how old this reel is but it seems like I have had it fifteen years or so. As for the original cost, I am afraid that I don't recall that either. However, these reels have been out of production for quite some time so people are starting to collect them and thus the price is rising accordingly.

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most CFO collectors go for the click and pawl models that predate your Disk Break model....

Read this: History of Orvis CFO Reels

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This reel has now been traded for a March Brown Hidden Waters rod.

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